When Will ‘Great Pretender’ Season 2 Release on Netflix?

Great Pretender Season 2 now on Netflix. If you want to watch this anime you can reach all over the world. This Netflix Originals Japanese crime comedy anime genre series finally back today with a new season.

Wit Studio‘s highly-anticipated anime series second season release on November 25th, 2020. Also, this anime directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryota Kosawa. And, this anime series firstly aired on Japan’s Fuji TV before Netflix took the streaming rights worldwide except for Japan.

This anime story follows Edamura Masato is said to be Japan’s greatest swindler. After later one day, however, he also finds out that he is actually not the greatest, while he tries to steal from a foreigner, he finds that all his money was stolen instead. And he chaises thief.

Great Pretender Season 2 Release Date and More

The second season of Great Pretender consists of brand-new 9 episodes premiered on November 25th, 2020 on Netflix.

Here is the official synopsis: 

“Makoto Edamura is supposedly Japan’s greatest swindler. Together with his partner Kudo, they try to trick a Frenchman in Asakusa but unexpectedly get tricked instead. The Frenchman, whom they tried to swindle, turns out to be Laurent Thierry- a much higher-level ‘confidence man,’ in control of the mafias. Also, Edamura is yet to find out what fate awaits him. After having engaged in the Frenchman’s dirty jobs…!”

Great Pretender characters and cast: 

  • Chaiki Kobayashi – Makoto Edamura
  • Kenji Nomura – Luis Mueller
  • Junichi Suwabe – Laurent Thierry
  • Mayumi Sako – Isabelle Mueller
  • Natsumi Fujiwara – Abigail Jones
  • Mie Sonozaki – Cynthia Moore
  • Fuminori Komatsu – Sam Ibrahim
  • Chikahiro Kobayashi – Clark Ibrahim
  • Yuuki Inoue – Caio Bisconti
  • Ryouta Takeuchi – Salazar

Before the United States or any other countries, Great Pretender‘s Case 4 ‘Wizard of Far East’ (episodes 15–23) premieres on Netflix in Japan on September 21st, 2020. Now, Netflix releases it today (November 25th) on its platform.

We also guess Great Pretender returns with season 3 sometime in 2021. You can watch the season 2 trailer below!


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