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6 Underground

‘6 Underground’ is a 2019 action thriller film that was directed by Michael Bay and co-written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. It was produced by Bay, Ian Bryce, Don Granger, and Dana Goldberg. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Melanie Laurent, Corey Hawkins, Adria Arjona, Dave Franco, and Ben Hardy.

It is about a group that fakes their deaths and then forms a vigilante team against a ruthless dictator. ‘6 Underground’ was released by Netflix. The subscription streaming service had the movie made on a budget of $150 million, so it was one of the most expensive Netflix original movies ever made.

Some aspects of the film that were praised were Reynold’s acting and the action sequences. Originally, Netflix planned a sequel to the film. However, criticism about the length of the film and its direction led to Netflix canceling these plans.

The movie’s soundtrack features music by various artists and covers a range of genres. In addition to the main songs on the soundtrack, there are also instrumental pieces, several of which are performed by Lorne Balfe. Here are all the songs from the ‘6 Underground’ ranked.

16. Nothing Burns Like the Cold, Snoh Aalegra ft. Vince Staples, 2017

In the sex scene between Two and Three, ‘Nothing Burns Like the Cold’ plays in the background, says Tune Find. Although Snoh Aalegra released the song as a single, it did not chart in the United States.

15. Never Gonna Lose the Love, Maribou State ft. Holly Walker, 2015

‘Never Gonna Lose the Love’ is a song performed by the English electronic music duo Maribou State, which consists of Chris Davids and Liam Ivory. It features vocals from British singer Holly Walker.

14. Beautiful Sunday, Lorne Balfe, 2019

‘Beautiful Sunday’ is one of the instrumental tracks that feature in ‘6 Underground,’ and it is performed by Lorne Balfe.

13. Blah Blah Blah, Armin Van Buuren, 2018

Midway through ‘6 Underground,’ there is a flashback scene that features the song ‘Blah Blah Blah’ performed by Armin Van Buuren.

12. I’ll Take You There, The Staple Singers, 1972

‘I’ll Take You There’ plays in Horseman’s penthouse. The Staples recorded the funk song in 1972, and the single topped the Billboard Hot 100. It features on the album ‘Be Altitude: Respect Yourself.’

11. Wannabe, Spice Girls, 1996

The Spice Girls’ internationally famous song ‘Wannabe’ plays briefly during the chase scene in Florence. It was co-written by the Spice Girls, Matt Rowe, and Richard Stannard. The song featured on the girl group’s debut album, ‘Spice.’

10. O Fortuna, Spiritual Project, 2020

The second song played in the Florence chase scene is ‘O Fortuna’ by Spiritual Project, and it begins playing when the chase reaches the Uffizi Gallery. The song is used to represent the beating hearts of the 6 Underground team, says Screen Rant. It featured on O’Fortuna’s 2020 self-titled album.

9. White Flag, Bishop Briggs, 2018

‘White Flag’ features in ‘6 Underground’ twice. It first plays as the official song for the country’s revolution. During the scene, there is a meta moment where One asks who chose the song. ‘White Flag’ plays again in a boat scene. The song featured on Briggs’ 2018 album ‘Church of Scars.’

8. Run, AWOLNATION, 2015

‘Run’ features in the Hong Kong sky walking scene. It was performed by the American rock band AWOLNATION, and the song featured on the band’s second studio album ‘About.’

7. Legendary, Welshly Arms, 2016

The song ‘Legendary plays during the Las Vegas sequence that features several generals. It was recorded in 2016 by the American blues-rock band Welshly Arms. The song was also chosen as the official theme song for the 2017 WWE TLC pay-per-view.

6. Legend, The Score, 2017

‘Legend’ is one of four songs on the ‘6 Underground’ soundtrack by The Score. It plays in the scene when Five screams at One. The song was released on The Score’s2017 album ‘Atlas.’

5. The Handler, Muse, 2015

‘The Handler’ is one of two songs by Muse on the ‘6 Underground’ soundtrack. It plays after the Italian inciting incident and marks the beginning of the main action. The song features on the band’s 2015 album ‘Drones.’

4. The Fear, The Score, 2019


‘The Fear’ is a song that features on the ‘6 Underground’ soundtrack that was performed by the alternative rock group ‘The Score.’ The band included the track on their 2019 album ‘Pressure.’

3. Glory, The Score, 2020

‘Glory’ by The Score marks the moment of Four’s aerial ecstasy as he skywalks atop the Duomo. The song featured on The Score’s 2020 album ‘Carry On.’

2. Bulletproof, The Score ft. XYLO, 2020

The closing credits for ‘6 Underground’ are ‘Bulletproof.’ In addition to the song featuring in the film, it was also a track included on The Score’s 2020 album ‘Breathe You Got This.’ It features vocals from XYLO.

1. Dig Down, Muse, 2018

One of the best tracks from the ‘6 Underground’ soundtrack is ‘Dig Down’ by Muse, which features in the film twice. It first plays at the beginning of the film when One is explaining his life story. The song then reappears in the Parisian sex scene where One is with an Italian woman called Arianna. ‘Dig Down’ is a track from Muse’s 2018 album ‘Simulation Theory.’

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