Netflix set to launch reality show based on TikTok’s Hype House

Netflix set to launch reality show based on TikTok's Hype House

TikTok’s hugely popular Hype House is soon to be given a Netflix makeover, with a new reality TV show that will follow the platform’s most popular short-form video content creators. The TikTok brand is trying hard to reach out to new potential demographics outside of the Gen Z social media bubble. Just recently, TikTok secured a deal to become an official global sponsor of the upcoming UEFA Euro 2020, which is already attracting plenty of bookmaker interest as the days’ tick by until the start of Europe’s most prestigious national soccer tournament.

TikTok will also benefit greatly from its exposure on Netflix, although the world-renowned on-demand streaming platform has yet to announce release dates or further details for the Hype House series. The Hype House is the name given to a group of TikTok personalities that live in Los Angeles. Many of whom have gone on to become Gen Z influencers. The Hype House was inspired by other “content collectives” that were originally founded for YouTube, including Jake Paul’s “Team 10” and Dobrik’s “Vlog Squad.

Who is part of the TikTok “Hype House”?

The founding members of the Hype House include Daisy Keech, Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren, and Kouvr Annon. Several of the founding members are set to be included in this new Netflix series, with Daisy Keech the only original member likely to be missing having parted ways to forge her own solo career.

Each of the personalities within the Hype House has millions of TikTok followers each, with the Netflix series designed to showcase “stories” of social media’s “most popular personalities”. These storylines include their respective love lives and their journeys as they embark on “the next stage of their lives”.

The Hype House will certainly have the aesthetic appeal suitable for a Netflix reality series, given it’s a Mediterranean-style mansion with a stunning palatial backyard, complete with a high-end pool – the perfect environment for globally recognized TikTok personalities.

It’s not the first time that TikTok personalities have sought to increase their notoriety away from the TikTok platform. The D’Amelio family, fronted by Charli D’Amelio, is due to launch its own reality show on Hulu, with producers keen to showcase the D’Amelios as the next potential Kardashians.

Meanwhile, fellow TikTok star Addison Rae, the second most followed content creator on TikTok, has secured an exclusive podcast deal with Spotify co-hosted with her mom.

These new media deals underline the harsh reality that monetization on the TikTok platform is not what it may seem. Content creators struggle to make money from their TikTok presence, with creators only able to receive tips from viewers during live streams and sponsored videos the only other way to monetize their popularity.

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