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Matt Bellamy bought Jeff Buckley’s guitar to use for new Muse album

Matt Bellamy bought Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ Fender Telecaster guitar. He also wants to use it on the upcoming and new Muse album.

A few days ago, Muse frontman has purchased a guitar of Jeff Buckley‘s musical history. This guitar his iconic 1983 blonde USA Fender Telecaster. He also interviews with Guitar World on his leadership of Manson Guitars. However, in this interview, they ask some of the questions about Bellamy on the last piece of gear that loved him. He also answered a few questions about the upcoming and new Muse album.

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy interview with Guitar World and answered:

“I’ve gotta say, I just bought Jeff Buckley’s guitar that he used to record the Grace album,” Bellamy revealed. I’m not kidding! I had a whole team of people doing due diligence on it to make sure it was absolutely the right one, interviewing his family and all sorts. I managed to get it verified, and I’ve got his Telecaster that he recorded the whole Grace album with, and the song Hallelujah.”

I haven’t bought it to hang it on the wall with a picture of Jeff saying, ‘Look what I’ve got.’ I’ve bought it to actually attempt to use it and integrate it. He also keeps this guitar part of the music. I’d like to believe that’s what he would have wanted.”

He also investigates the Jeff Buckley guitar’s unique tone:

“It sounds so weird – it doesn’t sound like any other Telecaster. I’ve had all the electronics analyzed – nobody’s changed anything.

But the pickups, they think the neck pickup was a mistake by the manufacturer because for some reason it’s slightly out-of-phase, and there’s also something weird about the wiring. To cut a long story short, it’s got an extremely glassy, bright sound, and it doesn’t really sound like any other guitar I’ve used before.”

You can watch Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah performance below.

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