Attack On Titan’s the Most Possible Spin-Offs after the Final Season

Attack On Titan is almost over. We are not ready for this legendary anime series to end. So, can these giant titans appear again in the future?

Attack On Titan, one of the world’s most popular manga and anime series, started airing in 2009 and will soon bid farewell to us. People are upset about the end of the anime and manga series created by Hajime Isayama. But maybe this is not a farewell.

The series already has spin-offs. One of them, “Before The Fall”, tells 70 years before Eren’s story began. “No Regrets” describes how Levi joined the Survey Corps and became friends with Erwin. Without a doubt, Attack On Titan is now a major global brand and a source of commercial revenue. It is not an unusual issue for anime to continue after the final episodes. Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokemon are examples of this. We have prepared the most possible Attack on Titan spin-offs for you.

1- Continuation of the Main Story

The final episode of the series has not yet been released, and there are many questions about how it will end. It is not known whether the story of the series will continue with the sequel after the final episode. But as many other popular anime and manga do, sequels that keep the story going are quite common. For example, Boruto: Next Generations, Dragon Ball Super.

2- Original Nine Titans Spin-Off

the Devil of Earth, Attack On Titan
the Devil of Earth, Attack On Titan

Titans are a great danger pervasive, but how did their story begin? This is one of the questions that many fans are curious about. All we know about the origin story of 9 Titan; After Ymir Fritz was killed, he was torn apart and his three daughters ate him. Later, many of Ymir’s children became a race that could use the power of giants.

Just like we wondered about the origin and story of “White Walkers” in the Game of Thrones universe. So, the story of 9 Titans is as interesting. We hope that such a product will appear in the coming years.

3- More Informations About the Underground

the Underground, Attack On Titan
the Underground, Attack On Titan

The underworld, criminals, and mysterious stories … Welcome to the Underground. One of the most mysterious and curious places in Paradis is Underground, a city within Wall Sheena. Moreover, the growth of Levi’s in the Underground.

Information and stories about the Underground were shared in the spin-offs already published. We also know that names such as Furlan, Isabel, and Kuklo have connections with the Underground. We don’t know if the shared information was a preparation for the future or just an add-on to make the series more interesting.

However, the Underground is a very suitable venue for the universe of Attack On Titan to expand and continue its stories.

4- The Story of Levi Squad

Levi Squad, Attack on Titan
Levi Squad, Attack on Titan

We know Levi Squad as a strong, brave, and loyal alliance. It was also an important detail for developing Eren’s story. However, learning the background stories and early days of the characters in the squad can be a pretty good spin-off topic. Many fans of the series are interested in Levi Squad’s figures, accessories, and outfits. This seems to be a very profitable method for a trademark anime series.

Additionally, witnessing the evolution of the characters and their old stories are productions that we all enjoy watching.

5- Mikasa’s Family and Their Story

Mikasa, Attack On Titan
Mikasa, Attack On Titan

We have to admit that most of us are big fans of Mikasa. Of course, if a spin-off comes up about Mikasa, we wouldn’t say no to it. Mikasa’s character is very strong, disciplined, and beautiful.

Also, although there are many countries in the world of Attack On Titan, we only have extensive knowledge about Paradis and Marley. We do not have detailed information about the country of Hizuru and actually, this place is very important for Mikasa’s story.

Having met Kiyomi, the emissary of Hizuru, Mikasa had learned more about where her family came from. It can be quite enjoyable to watch the ancestors of Kiyomi and Mikasa and their stories.

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