The 10 Best Brett Young Songs of All-Time

Brett Young

Brett Young is a country music artist who recently emerged on the Nashville music scene, but in the short time that he’s been performing professionally, he has made a tremendous impact, amassing a notable fan base. He puts heart into his lyrics that reach out and touch listeners in profound ways. The singer/songwriter has made exceptional progress, reaching number two with his “Brett Young” debut album on country music charts. Here are the 10 best Brett Young songs of all time as ranked by critics and fans.

10. “Memory Won’t Let Me”

Billboard ranks “Memory Won’t Let Me” as the tenth most popular song released by Brett Young. It’s a ballad that pulls at your heartstrings about a desperate man who is trying to get over his former lover, but he can’t figure out how to accomplish the task. Young teamed up with Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach on this hit tune.

9. “Back On The Wagon”

“Back on The Wagon” is a powerful song about addiction. It takes the phenomenon that is so common past alcohol or substance abuse into other areas of life where addiction can wreak havoc. This song is about a couple who realize that they each need to take their lives in different directions, but they can’t seem to move past the attraction to leave their current situation. This is a winning track off of his self-titled album.

8. “Left Side of Leavin'”

“Left Side of Leavin'” is a sad song about the end of a relationship. It shows us that we can be close to the end of a relationship without realizing just how near the end is until it happens. This is a song about lamenting over the lack of closure from one final moment with his love.

7. “Hallelujah”

Wide Open Country gives “Hallelujah” the spot of seventh-best of Brett Young’s career so far. It’s a cover of the Leonard Cohen song that Brett makes his own. He offers his rendition in a raw and moving form loaded with acoustic guitar backup that is well-suited for his delivery.

6. “Here Tonight”

“Here Tonight” is already becoming a hit as a new single. It will appear on his most recent album that has not yet been released. It is an upbeat jam that comes close to crossing the borders of country and pop music, which shows his versatility as an artist. “Here Tonight is a fun and romantic new song with a simple delivery that could give us a preview of what to expect from the new album.

5. “Like I Loved You”

The Boot ranks “Like I Loved You” as number five on his list of best hits. This song appeared as a track on the “Brett Young” album released in 2017. The song came out in July of 2017 and became the third single released from the debut album. It’s a lament of a former love and his realization that she didn’t return the love that he held for her. It hit the 3rd spot on the Billboard Country Airplay chart the year of its release. Brett co-wrote the song with Jesse Lee.

4. “Ticket to L.A.”

“Ticket to L.A.” is the title song of the 2018 album with the same name. It’s a song about discovering love in an airport terminal with a catchy and upbeat tune. The singer chooses to miss his flight just to spend more time with a girl that he is attracted o. He co-wrote this song with Jon Nite and Zach Crowell.

3. “Mercy”

“Mercy” is Brett’s fourth single from the self-titled album “Brett Young” released in 2017. This song was the third in his repertoire to hit number one on the music charts. It is one of his biggest hits achieving platinum certification. It’s a song about heartbreak, but it’s written in a vague manner that makes it applicable to a lot of different circumstances. The song resonates with a wider segment of the population who have experienced the heartbreak of ending a romantic relationship.

2. “Sleep Without You”

“Sleep Without You” was released as a track on the 2017 “Brett Young” album. It was also his debut single. This song gave fans a long look at the sexy side of Brett Young. He wrote the song with Kelly Archer and Justin Ebch when he was listening to pop radio channels and heard a song about a guy trying to sleep with a girl. He found a way to put his spin on the situation which gave him the inspiration for the song.

1. “In Case You Didn’t Know”

“In Case You Didn’t Know” is the titular song from his debut album “In Case You Didn’t Know.” It went platinum three times certified by the Recording Industry Association of America. It was the first Brett Young song to hit the number one position on country music charts. It has already sold more than a million copies and the tallies are still rolling. “In Case You Didn’t Know” was co-written by Kristopher Peters and Brett Young. It was inspired by Peters’ experience growing up as a child. His mom didn’t tell the kids very often that she loved them, but rather, she showed them through her actions. This is a song that most of us can relate to. Although we show people how we feel about them every day through our actions, sometimes, it’s nice to say the words.

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