The 10 Best Chrisette Michele Songs of All-Time

Chrisette Michele Payne, known as Chrisette Michele, is an American-based R&B singer and songwriter. She has featured in popular hip-hop albums, including Jayz’s Kingdom Come. Chrisette sings in a unique jazz style.

According to Bet, Chrisette Michele won a Grammy in 2019 for her ‘Be Ok’ track which she featured Will.I.Am. The fact that Chrisette has been surrounded by music since her childhood has honed her music industry skills. This article looks closely at the ten best Chrisette Michele songs of all time.

10. Epiphany (I’m Leaving)

We all started hearing about the evolution and growth of Chrisette after reaching her sophomore effort. Epiphany was a typical example of how Michele made her mark firmer in the R&B industry.

It is the second studio album from the American R&B songwriter. In her Epiphany song, Michele refers to the relationship with her former manager, whom she sued in 2008 for harassment and embezzlement. According to Billboard, this album hit number 1 on the U.S billboard charts.

9. Blame it on me

The second single from the R&B singer’s second album, Epiphany, is Blame it on me. The song was released on the radio back in 2009. This song was initially planned to be ‘What You Do’ featuring Ne-Yo, the label mate.

However, the song was changed in the last minutes. Michele pours out her silky vocals along this tune’s slinky piano and hollow drums. This song shows Michele’s best vocal performance on her album. She is taking responsibility and blame for an unsuccessful relationship even though she and her partner tried so hard to make everything work.

8. Best of Me

Best of Me is the second single from Michele’s album I am. Released in 2007, the song is yet to receive so much attention, especially on the charts. However, this tune has been added to the VH1 video lineup. It has, however, done so well on YouTube, with more than 2 million views. This song is also available for streaming on all music platforms.

7. Be Ok

Be Ok is a Grammy-winning single from the soul-R&B songwriter and singer Chrisette Michele. According to Delawareonline, it is the third single from Michele’s debut album named ‘I am and was released digitally on December 11th, 2007. Michele features rapper Will I Am in this song, after which it won the Best Urban/ Alternative Performance Grammy.

The tune can be described as an up-tempo R&B song with some Hip-Hop influence. This song is speaking about a break-up between the singer and her boyfriend. She tries to explain how hard it is to let go.

6. I’m a Star

If you are feeling low, you probably need to listen to this song and get the motivation that you are indeed a star. This is a good and fast-paced song different from what we have known Chrisette for.

It is a song that makes you want to dance. The song is huge on music platforms. For instance, the track has garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube.

5. Rich Hipster

This song is the clearest indication that Chrisette Michele has a unique style. Michele featured Wale in the song that was released in 2013. You will notice that her Rich Hipster is so lyrical as opposed to the many R&B songs we have heard. This song is an infectious and head-nodding record.

4. A couple of Forevers

Penned by Tiwa Savage, this ballad gets Chrisette singing about a love that will last forever. According to the song’s lyrics, the singer talks about being together with her lover till never. This song was produced by Pop and Oak, after which it was released digitally on February 5th of 013. For the song visuals, the video was set up in complete white.

The singer explains that she felt that the fashion was awesome. Other than the visuals, the song has a beautiful storyline. This was undoubtedly the best R&B song of the 2010 decade. It is a wedding song that should be played to celebrate the many years people remain in Love.

3. Let Me Win

Chrisette Michele’s Let Me Win is a single in her fourth studio album dubbed Better. The song was released in 2013, where she showed her prowess with her jazzy vocal skills. In the song, she sings as pretty as she is used to, along with the retro drum sounds. The track is a clear indication of versatility in her record. Without any doubt, DJ Camper, Carvin, and Ivan did a good job here.

2. Love Won’t Leave Me Out

Released in 2013, the soul songstress penned a beautiful ballad about giving Love yet another chance with her Love Won’t Leave Me Out. This is a refreshing tune that inspires the listeners never to give up on Love. She urges you to remain strong regardless of how Love could have hurt you in the past. This song is featured in Chrisette’s ‘Better’ album. This is a huge tune with more than 2 million views on YouTube. You can as well stream it on all music platforms.

1. Unbreakable

Chrisette first met Doug Ellison in business school. The pair would later become lovers, where Ellison became her college lover and manager. Things turned sour after that when Michele sued Ellison and his Four Kings Production label for embezzlement claims.

After some time, the pair would reconnect when Michelle was recording her Milestone album. Ellison goes down on one knee to propose to Chrisette, a proposal she accepts. The rekindled romance is what inspired this track.


Chrisette Michele has released five albums in her career. Her unique style and talent have allowed her to release more hits compared to her peers in the same generation. We can confidently say that Chrisette Michelle has given her listeners timeless songs they will enjoy listening to for years to come.

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