The 10 Best Darius Rucker Songs of All-Time

Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker is a talented country artist who got his start in the music business as a member of the band Hootie and the Blowfish. Rucker launched his very successful career as a solo artist when the band called it quits. He moved from rock and pop charts to making hits in the country genre. Rucker has had several hits as a solo artist and he continues to make music and keep audiences thrilled with his performances without the baking of his former bandmates. Here are the 10 top hits of Darius Rucker minus the Blowfish.

10. “Forever Road”


According to The Boot, “Forever Road” is the tenth most popular hit song in Darius Rucker’s solo career. The song dropped on his “Learn to Live” album that was released in 2008. This is a tune about unconditional love and old-fashioned values. The lyrics were easy for people with like values to relate to. It’s n uplifting song that makes you want to sing along as it inspires trust and a sense of safety in love.

9. “This”


“This” is a song that has been around for a while. It was released in 2010 on the “Charleston, SC 196” album. The song is an opening track with an upbeat tempo that takes us down the road of the main events that happen in life, including decisions we make, the loss of a prominent figure in your life, and how life can change at the drop of a hat. The highly-rated song is inspirational and features melodic mandolin licks and electric guitar for some sweet variety.

8. “Candy Cane Christmas”


“Candy Cane Christmas” was a hit that came out as a trick on Darius Rucker’s 2014 “Home for the Holidays” album. It’s not often that a seasonal-themed song makes it to a top ten list, but Rucker’s smooth and easy-going voice makes this a memorable member of his greatest hits. It’s a song for people of all ages. It conjures images of the most anticipated holiday of the year. He puts this song over so well that you may want to listen to it even when it’s not near Christmas.

7. “Homegrown Honey”


“Homegrown Honey” follows the sweet theme we have going here from Darius Rucker fans. “Homegrown Honey” was co-written with Charles Kelley and Nathan Chapman. It emerged as a track on Rucker’s 2015 “Southern Style” album. It’s a bright and upbeat song that has a great rhythm that leans more towards pop music than it does country, but it’s still passable in either genre. It may be a light waver toward Darius’ roots. It’s a cheeky tune lyrically speaking, but it makes you want to get up and move around or break into a full dance.

6. “It Won’t Be Like This for Long”


“It Won’t Be Like This for Long” was released as a take on Darius Rucker’s “Learn to Live” album. This song is the number six best song for Darius Rucker. It made it to the number one spot in the Top 40. “It Won’t Be Like This for Long” became his number one crossover on country music charts. It’s not the first time Rucker has flirted with crossovers in his solo career as a country artist. This song appeals to people from all walks of life and backgrounds as it is a tender song about what it takes to be a father. It takes us through the ups and downs of the job that most men can easily relate to.

5. “Southern Style”


“Southern Style” is ranked as the fifth-best song by Darius Rucker. Wide Open Country reports that it is from the titular album with the same name released in 2015. The song made it to the US Country Airplay chart peaking at the 33rd position. It’s a song about living in the South, that quickly appealed to anyone who has lived and moved to this part of the country. It’s full of nostalgic references that only southerners would truly understand.

4. “If I Told You”


“If I Told You” is a song that became one o his biggest hits in the four years that passed since his release of “Wagon Wheel.” The tune is a ballad style that Rucker was particularly fond of. The emotional lyrics of the tune are what attracted him to this particular song. He just had to record it even though he wasn’t involved in the writing. It became the fourth biggest hit of his solo career.

3. “Come Back Song”


“Come Back Song” was co-written by Chris Stapleton and Casey Beathard. It was released on his “Charleston, SC 1966” album released in 2010. “Come Back Song was the lead single from the project. It also became his third most beloved release because of ts narrative plea for his ex to return to him.

2. “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It”


“Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It” is the second-best song of Darius Rucker’s solo career. It was the first number-one single hit that he had after he left his former bandmates and launched his career without them. The song has become a classic that fans still love.

1. “Wagon Wheel”


Wagon Wheel” is the number one best song of Darius Rucker’s solo career. It’s also one of his best-known songs. The chorus to this tune was written by Bob Dylan, with verses written by Ketch Secor. “Wagon Wheel” was started in 1973 and was not completed until 20 years later. Rucker performed the song with Lady Antebellum providing backup vocals. It went to platinum in 2014. It won Best Country Solo Performance at the Grammy Awards for 2013. The song is a track on the True Believers” album released in 2013.

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