The Best Gary Allan Songs of All-Time

Gary Allan is a country music artist who began his career in 1996. Not only is he a signer, but he also writes many of his own songs and can play the guitar. In the same year as he began his career, Allan signed to Delta Records. Later that year, he released his debut album, which was later certified Gold. During his career in the music industry, Gary Allan has released ten studio albums, two compilation albums, 21 music videos, and 32 singles of which four topped the charts. Here are the 10 best Gary Allan songs of all time.

10. Right Where I Need to Be (2000)


Peaking at number five on the country charts in the United States, ‘Right Where I Need to Be’ is one of the best Gary Allan songs. It was the third single from the 1999 album ‘Smoke Rings in the Dark,’ although it was not released as a single until the following year. This song, which was written by Casey Beathard and Kendell Marvel, was certified Platinum. It was Allan’s first top-five hit and his third to reach the top ten.

9. Life Ain’t Always Beautiful (2006)


The lyrics to ‘Life Ain’t Always Beautiful’ are all about the highs and lows of life. The song was Allan’s second single from the 2005 album ‘Tough All Over,’ but the single was released early the following year. It reached number four on the country charts in the United States and was certified Gold.

8. It Would Be You (1998)


‘It Would Be You’ was both the lead song and the titular song of the 1998 album of the same name. It was co-written by Kent Robbins and Dana Hunt Black. It was the second of Allan’s top ten hits on the country charts, peaking at number seven and remaining in the top ten for 21 weeks. The theme of this song is heartache.

7. Her Man (1996)


‘Her Man’ was the debut single released by Gary Allan and the lead single from his debut album ‘Used Heart for Sale.’ Although many of Allan’s songs are originals, this song was written by Kent Robbins and originally recorded by Waylon Jennings in 1990. Allan’s version of the song peaked at number seven on the US country singles charts and at number nine in Canada.

6. The One (2002)


This romantic ballad has a Spanish-style influence, and it is about a man telling a woman she is the most important thing in his life and that he would do anything for her. It was written by Karen Manno and Billy Lee, and it was Allan’s first top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. It also reached number three on the country charts. This song was the second single released from the album ‘Alright Guy.’

5. Watching Airplanes (2007)


Discotech lists ‘Watching Airplanes’ as one of Gary Allan’s best songs. It is about a man realizing that his former love has gone forever, and she is never coming back. Although the song is about heartbreak, it is an upbeat song with an infectious melody. It reached number two on the country charts and was certified Platinum.

4. Nothing on but the Radio (2004)


The 2004 single ‘Nothing on but the Radio’ is a catchy love song with clever lyrics. It was Allan’s third number one hit on the country charts in the United States, and it reached number six on the country charts in Canada. This commercially successful track was certified Platinum. The writers of this song are Byron Hill, Odie Blackmon, and Brice Long. ‘Nothing on but the Radio’ won an ASCAP Award for being one of the most performed country songs of 2005.

3. Tough Little Boys (2003)


‘Tough Little Boys’ is a country ballad about the relationships between parents and children. The lyrics describe how emotionally challenging it is to raise children. It was his second number one hit on the country charts in the United States, although it only reached number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100. This single was the first of three singles released from the album ‘See If I Care.’ It was written by Harley Allen and Don Sampson.

2. Man to Man (2002)


‘Man to Man’ was the first of Allan’s singles to top the county charts in the United States. The song is about a man who meets his lover’s former partner who is causing problems, and he stands up to him to fight for his woman. It was the third single from Allan’s fourth album ‘Alright Guy.’ This track peaked at number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the first of Gary Allan’s hits to top the country charts. The song was written by Jamie O’Hara.

1. Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) (2012)

According to Taste of Country, the best Gary Allan song of all time is his 2012 single ‘Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain),’ which was also his most commercially successful song. It is the most recent of the four singles to have reached the top position on the country charts in the United States, and it also topped the US Country Airplay chart and the Canadian country chart. The song was certified Double Platinum. Although the song has a sombrt tone, it carries an uplifting message, and the tempo is upbeat enough to keep the song interesting. This song is one of the ones that Allan co-wrote, and the other writers were Hilary Lindsey and Matt Warren. It was the first single from Allan’s album ‘Set You Free.’

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