The 10 Best Hatebreed Songs of All-Time


Hatebreed was founded in 1993 in New Haven, Connecticut. The group was one of the most well-known hardcore bands in the United States during the late 90s. One of the things that made them stand out was the fresh combination of old-school hardcore music with many aggressive metals. This was what brought them to the forefront, along with Jamey Jasta’s voice. This is also why in the beginning, they toured the east coast of the United States with many well-known groups like NOFX, Morbid Angel, Slayer, and the Deftones. Hatebreed established the band to rebel against the music scene, according to Oldies, with initial members vocalist Jamey Jasta, bassist Chris “The X-mas Butch” Beattie, drummer Dave Russo, and guitarists Larry Dwyer Jr and Wayne Lozniak. During this time, the group underwent several lineup changes. Nick “Nickel P” Papantonious replaced Dave Russo on drums.

However, he was only with the group a year before James “Pushbutton” Muckinhaupt relaced him. Hate Stricken Creation consisted of three tracks and had an immediate impact on the hardcore metal genre. After the demo, the group underwent several lineup changes; Larry Dwyer Jr left and was replaced by Lou Richards. Additionally, Dave Russo exited the band and was replaced by Matt Byrne. Hatebreed also added Matt McIntosh on lead guitar. The new lineup released another demo. Tony Brummell, Victory Records head, heard the demo, Under The Knife, which caught the attention of Victory Records label head Tony Brummel who immediately signed the group. Satisfaction is the Death of Desire was released in 1997 and was loved by both critics and fans. In 2002, they left Victory Record for Stillborn/Republic/Universal. During the switch, there was another lineup change; Richards left the group.

The same year, they released Perrserverance, followed by Rising of Brutality in 2003. It was three years before the group released another album. During that time, the group made another lineup change; rhythm guitarist Frank Novinec joined the group. Hatebreed also switched labels to RoadRunner and released the 2006 album Supremacy. Original member Wayne Lozniak returned to the group in 2008 just in time for For The Lions, a cover album. Hatebreed followed it up with a self-titled album in 2009. The group’s sixth album ranked number 20 on the Billboard Top 200 albums and peaked at number one on the Hard Rock album charts. Hatebreed spent the next several years on the road before recording their seventh album Concrete Confessional in 2016, promoted by a global tour. In 2019, they did another world tour with Obituary, Cro-Mags, Terror, and Fit for an autopsy. Hatebreed’s latest album, Weight of the False Self, was released in 2020. The group has enjoyed a long career and produced many great hits. With such a catalog, it’s challenging to narrow down the best of the best. The 10 Best Hatebreed songs of all-time

10. Live For This


Sometimes people feel like it’s all but impossible to stay present in their lives. Throughout his career, Jasta has not shied away from vocalizing his negative feelings about the music industry. Yet, in this song, there is a message of hope. Jasta wrote the song while touring, feeling like he was getting lost on the road and wanting to be home.

9. A.D.


On this track, Hatebreed deals with the socio-economic issues in the United States. Additionally, it’s about political corruption and how the media fuels violence because it helps create profits.

8. The Divinity of Purpose


This song took years to write. Hatebreed started working on it during the group’s Five Finger Death Punch tour, even playing early versions of it. When they toured with Lamb of God the following year, they started putting the finishing touches on it. It became the title track on their sixth album.

7. Idolized and Vilified


Often, celebrities are thrust into the spotlight when they suffer addiction issues, making their personal struggle, public knowledge, and doing more harm than good. Jasta felt that this was unfair and once again used his powerful songwriting skills to pen this track.

6. I Will Be Heard


Most of Hatebreed’s music reflects a primal urge within us to release all the negativity that sometimes builds up. This song is one of the group’s more upbeat songs, although it follows much of its other songs with lyrics about overcoming adversity. One of the standouts of this song is that it was used in a Disney Movie, 2002’s xXx.

5. Boundless (Time To Murder It)


Much of Hatebreed’s catalog is songs about overcoming demons and being true to the person you are. According to Song Facts, Jasta told Artist direct that he wrote this song to add energy to the group’s shows.

4. Honor Never Dies


Jasta got the idea for this song when he visited the veteran’s hospital where his grandfather was. One of the nurses in the hospital told him there was someone else staying there that hadn’t been seen in over a year. Honor Never Dies was Jasta’s effort at writing a song about how you can do everything right in life and still be alone. Much of the instrumentation reflects his anger.

3. Everyone Bleeds Now


Since the beginning of the group’s career, they’ve enjoyed thumbing their noses at many of the hardcore stereotypes. Initially, this song was written as a play on the Hatebreed’s supposed image. Many people were even posting pictures of bloody bathrooms, saying they were at the shows when they weren’t.

2. Seven Enemies


One of the things people embrace is their negative habits. Unfortunately, this lack of self-control can keep them away from everything they want to accomplish in life. Jasta channels his anger at these vices through lyrics that play well against the hardcore style of Hatebreed.

1. Looking Down The Barrel of Today


When Jamey Jasta wrote the lyrics to this song, he wanted people who felt like they were being dragged down by life to identify. According to Louder Sound, Jasta said, “I think a lot of people can relate to that, and you have to put yourself in the mindset of what got you to the table in the first place.”

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