The 10 Best Jake Owen Songs of All-Time

Jake Owen

Jake Owen is distinguished as an American Country Music musician, actor, and songwriter. His real name is Joshua Ryan Owen, born on August 28, 1981. In 2005 Jake Owen met the songwriter and producer Jimmy Ritchey who signed him to the RCA Nashville label. Early 2016, Jake Owen released his first album, Startin’ With Me. The album gained attention and brought Jake Owen to the limelight. The three singles in the album reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Jake Owen produced other albums such as, Easy Does It and Barefoot Blue Night Jean, which became number one in the country chart, Days of Gold, and American Love. In 2017 Jake Owen left the RCA record label and joined Big Loud Records, where he produced the “Greeting from.. Jack” album, which reached number 8 on the Billboard Country album chart. In addition, Jake Owen has influenced other artists like Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, and others. Here are the top ten best Jake Owen songs of all time ranked in descending order.

10. Don’t Think I Can’t Love You


The song “Don’t Think I Can’t Love You” is the highest-charting single from Jake Owen’s album, Easy Does It, released in August 2008. Lyrically, this mid-tempo lover, Jake Owen, tells the woman he loves that even if he can’t buy her all the fancy things due to financial constraints, he assures her to give attention and love. This single is a beautiful love song, and it peaked number 2 on US Billboard Hot Country Songs.

9. American Country Love Song


“American Country Love Song” was released in March 2016 as the first single from Jake Owen’s album, American Love. This song has become a soundtrack for many country fans. Jake Owen sings about being young, free, adventurous, and all kinds of love made in America. In the music video, Jake Owen is seen taking a road trip. This single was a success and was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

8. The One That Got Away


“The One That Got Away” is another Jake Owen’s summertime song. Jake Owen penned down the song with Dallas Davidson and Jimmy Ritchey. Jake Owen talks about having a magical summer at the beach with his co-writers. He is reminiscing about a summer love that ended shortly after summer. The song was released from Jake Owen’s album Barefoot Blue Jean Night in May 2012.

7. Anywhere With You


The number seven track on our list is “Anywhere With You,” released as the fourth track from Jake Owen’sdebut album, Barefoot Blue Jean Night. Lyrically, Jake Owens speaks about how happy he will be to travel the world with his lover. The song has a lovely melody, and its sweet lyrics have captured many women’s hearts. The song was a commercial success, sold over 1million copies, and emerged number 47 on US Billboard Hot Country Songs.

6. Startin With Me


“Startin With Me” was Jack Owen’s first single that hit the top 10 on US Billboard Hot Country Songs peaking number 6. Jack Owen confesses to his immoral acts, such as sleeping with his best friend’s baby sister, pawning his grandfather’s guitar, and fighting with his father. The song is full of remorse, and Jake Owen wishes if it were possible to change his life. In the music video, Jack Owen is singing the song in a room full of mirrors and has flashbacks of his younger self depicting scenes reflected on the song lyrics. This song makes you think and reflect on the wrong choices.

5. What We Ain’t Got


“What We Ain’t Got” is the type of song you could listen to over and over again. Lyrically, Jake Owen shows a man yearning for a former love and wishing he didn’t let it go. The song is the final single from Jack Owen’s fourth album, Days of Gold, released in August 2014. It was received positively by critics praising Jack Owen’s vocals with Sarah Buxton backing vocals that add an extra element to the song. The song received chart success in Canada and the United States where it became number 90 on Canadian Hot 100 and number 19 on US Billboard Hot Country Songs.

4. Barefoot Blue Jean Night


The number three song on our list of the top ten Jake Owen songs of all time is the hit song “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” which was released in April 2011. This song was a commercial hit and emerged number one on US Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. It has a lovely melody that flows effortlessly, and the song gives a good time vibe and has become a summertime anthem. This song was written by Dylan Altman, Eric Paslay, and Terry Sawchuk and recorded by Jake Owen as his first single track from his debut album of the same name.

3. Yee Haw


The number three song on our list of the top ten Jake Owen songs is the track, “Yee Haw.” The up-tempo party anthem was released in 2006 and talks about loosening up and having fun on a Friday night with friends. The song is contained in Jack Owen’s debut album, Startin’ With Me. The song peaked at #83 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and is a huge fan favorite during Jake Owen’s concerts.

2. Beachin’


“Beachin” is a record-breaking song and one of Jake Owen’s famous songs. It was the biggest hit from Jake Owen’s fourth album, Days of Gold, released in February 2014. The song was a success and certified platinum by America’s Record Industry Association. This track topped both US Billboard Hot Country Songs and Billboard Country Airplay and commercially sold over 1,104,000 copies in the US.

1. Alone With You


“Alone With You” is arguably Jake Owen’s most excellent song, reaching number 1 on US Billboard Hot Country Songs. It was the second single from Jake Owen’s album Barefoot Blue Jean Night, released in October 2011. The music video is very steamy, making it so captivating and full of emotions. In the song, Jake Owen shows his vulnerability towards a girl who teases him, and he is struggling to get over with.

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