The 10 Best Jeremy Camp Songs of All-Time

Jeremy Camp

Over the course of the last several years, contemporary Christian singer Jeremy Camp has released more than 10 albums, nine studio albums and two live albums, with the overwhelming majority of them reaching critical acclaim. Part of his appeal is the fact that his songs are typically positive in nature with an upbeat tempo. Furthermore, the majority of them have a rock influence, making them quite appealing to listen to. If you’ve never heard any of his music before, you might be wondering what type of sound he has. Below are 10 of the songs that many people consider to be among his best, ranked from number 10 to number one. There’s a YouTube link for each one, so if you want to know more, all you have to do is click on it in order to hear the music for yourself.

10. Give Me Jesus (2006)


This is the song that is fairly typical of a lot of worship songs, at least as far as the lyrics go. The lyrics refer to someone asking to have Jesus alongside them whenever they feel like they are alone or overwhelmed by all of the trials and tribulations of this world. It is definitely something that every person has felt at one time or another and as such, it’s something that we can all identify with. Ultimately, the song is about learning to find strength through faith in Jesus as opposed to allowing everything else to get in the way of one’s joy.

9. Dead Man Walking (2019)


This is a very interesting song that talks about trying to find freedom from sin and freedom from pressure and expectation, yet never being able to achieve that goal. The lyrics also talk about wanting to get away from it all so badly that death seems appealing as opposed to living another day with all of these burdens weighing the person down. Eventually, this person who is just trudging through life finds God and in doing so, begins to understand that all of those burdens start to fall away. Eventually, the freedom that was so badly desired is right there for the taking.

8. I Still Believe (2020)


The song was made popular by the movie of the same title. It was the fourth single released by Camp and it was also part of his very first full-length album. As the title implies, it is a song about being faced with things that we don’t always understand as human beings, like losing someone that we love who is truly a good person while they are very young or facing unimaginable hardship, yet still having the faith to continue believing even in the face of these obstacles.

7. There Will Be a Day (2020)


At first, this song seems like it’s going to be very melancholy. As far as the lyrics themselves are concerned, it definitely could be. It is essentially the tempo of the music that prevents it from becoming such. It talks about trying so hard to make things right in this world and to hold on to the things that most human beings think are important, yet arriving at an understanding that the very thought of control is nothing more than an illusion. Furthermore, the song goes on to explain that a day will come when it all falls away and none of it matters any longer.

6. Out Of My Hands (2019)


This is a song that everybody can identify with because every person alive has felt this way at one time or another. It talks about dealing with social pressures, the pressure at work and the pressure from family and friends to be a certain way, yet not feeling like you measure up inside. The song then discusses how you can either allow that to tear you apart or you can turn it over to God and realize that much of it isn’t under your control anyway.

5. He Knows (2015)


This song is actually fairly self-explanatory from the title alone. Have you ever wished that someone could see the inner struggles that you were going through without you having to try and explain it all verbally? More importantly, how many times have you wished that someone would actually understand those struggles instead of merely passing judgment on you because it’s not their situation? This is a song that is essentially telling you that God knows what you’re going through and He cares, telling you that you’re never going through anything alone, even if you don’t fully realize that at the time.

4. Whatever May Come (2020)


Similarly, this is another song that talks about dealing with the things that we all have to deal with as human beings from time to time. Whether that involves facing a terrible hardship or coming face-to-face with something that you’re terribly afraid of, the lyrics of the song are there to remind you that Christ is always close to you, especially when you’re going through something that is exceptionally difficult. In short, no matter what happens, He’s there with you and you can turn to Him whenever you need to.

3. Walk by Faith (2002)


Have you ever met one of those people that seems to have enough faith to see them through, even when the chips are down and things just keep getting worse? That’s precisely what this song deals with. It talks about learning to have that type of faith so that you can shut everything else out and simply rely on what you know to be true in your heart, even when it might seem like everything around you is falling apart.

2. When You Speak (2021)


This is another song that puts the lyrics in a context that everyone has experienced personally at one time or another. Everyone has known someone who is always loud and when something doesn’t go their way, they just get louder. By the same token, fortunate individuals have had the opportunity to know someone who is soft-spoken and leads by example as opposed to screaming at people until they get their way. Those lyrics are taken and put into a religious context, stating that the voice that you hear in your head that is shouting all of the negativity is not to be listened to because it doesn’t come from the right place. Instead, you should be listening to the voice that is quiet, the one that will guide you no matter what the circumstances might be.

1. Keep Me In The Moment (2019)


Every once in a great while, you’ll run up on someone who is capable of being in the moment, no matter what else is going on. It truly is a gift, especially in a world where most people are more concerned with thinking about the future or the past, often with their minds running so fast that they miss what is right in front of them. Running to stay in the moment means truly being there for the people that are closest to us and learning to walk with Christ because you’re no longer concerned with what happened in the past or what might happen tomorrow.

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