The 10 Best Lee Brice Songs of All-Time

Lee Brice

If you like your country music to come with a bluesy touch, Lee Brice is someone who should feature highly on your playlist. Over the past ten years, the South Carolina native has been dominating the country music charts with his warm, blues-inflected vocals and expect song crafting skills. As capable of turning his hand to upbeat party numbers as he is to nostalgia-driven tearjerkers, he’s earned a deserved reputation as one of country music’s most talented and versatile artists. Here’s our pick of the 10 best Lee Brice songs of all time.

10. Beautiful Every Time


After scoring his first-ever Top 10 hit with Love Like Crazy, Brice didn’t disappoint with its follow-up, Beautiful Every Time. A song that talks about finding the magic in the small, everyday occurrences that are sometimes too easy to take for granted, it’s a great example of Brice’s gift for pairing familiar ideas with sharp observations and lush arrangements. Released in October 2010, it peaked at No. 30 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

9. I Hope You’re Happy Now


In 2019, Brice teamed up with Carly Pearce for I Hope You’re Happy Now, a song that finds the duo take on the role of two ex-lovers, one of whom wishes the other well, the other of whom is full of bitter recriminations. The pair’s expert storytelling abilities and electric harmonies are joyful. The song was a hit, peaking at No. 13 on the US Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart, No. 15 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart, and No. 35 on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart. it also managed to snag the CMA Award for Musical Event of the Year, along with the ACM Awards for Single of the Year and Music Event of the Year.

8. I Don’t Dance


After scoring four huge hits with his second album, Hard 2 Love, Brice needed something impressive to announce his third album, I Don’t Dance. He found it in the titular track, a deeply personal, powerful song about a man who doesn’t usually dance, but will always make an exception for the woman he loves. Sweet but not saccharine, it hit a chord with enough listeners to take it to No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart and No. 5 on the Hot Country Songs. Per Wikipedia, by February 3, 2017, it had sold enough copies to be awarded double platinum status by the RIAA.

7. Rumor


The second single from Brice’s self-titled fourth album is Rumor, a bluesy ballad about two friends from a small town who have such a close relationship, people constantly gossip about them being a couple. It ends with the man suggesting to the woman that they put an end to the speculation by making the rumors a reality. Released in September 2018, it became Brice’s fifth number-one single on the Country Airplay chart. It also achieved crossover success, peaking at number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100.

6. Parking Lot Party


If you’re looking for an uptempo number to fill the dancefloor, look no further than Parking Lot Party. The final single to be released from Hard 2 Love is a blast. There’s nothing complicated about the lyrics, which describe the boozy shenanigans of a summer tailgate party before a concert, but that’s the point. It’s a simple, deeply pleasurable piece of country that’s impossible not to tap your foot too. Released in May 2013, it hit No. 11 on the US Hot Country Songs chart.

5. Hard To Love


As says, after the stunningly romantic A Woman Like You, Brice kept the love flowing with his next single, the upbeat romantic ballad, Hard To Love. The song tells the story of a man who knows he’s not the easiest person to be around, but who’s very grateful to his partner for loving him anyway. Written by Billy Montana, John Ozier, and Ben Glover, the song sailed to the top of the Country Airplay chart and eventually certified 3x platinum.

4. Drinking Class


As notes, Drinking Class finds Brice channeling his inner Bob Seger as he pays tribute to the working class on a song that perfectly showcases his bluesy vocals. Released in September 2014 as the second single from his third studio album, I Don’t Dance, it took the charts by storm, even being declared the number one song of the year on the Billboard Country Airplay chart (the only non-number one to ever achieve the accolade).

3. A Woman Like You


In 2011, Brice scored his first major hit with A Woman Like You. A deeply romantic song, it finds Brice letting his wife know how different his life would be if he hadn’t met her. “I’d still be drivin’ that old green ‘Nova / I probably never would have heard of yoga / I’d be a better football fan / But if I was a single man, alone and out there on the loose, I’d be lookin’ for a woman like you,” he sings. Written by Jon Stone, Phil Barton and Johnny Bulford, it became Brice’s first number-one hit on the Billboard Country Airplay chart and his first top 40 hit on the Hot 100. It was eventually certified 2x platinum by the RIAA.

2. Drive Your Truck


By the time he came around to releasing Drive Your Truck, Brice had already shown his talents for singing sweet love songs. Here, he shows a new side to his emotional range in a story about a man who’s lost his brother in war but who finds comfort in driving his old truck and being around his things. Written by Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington, and Jimmy Yeary, the tearjerker reached No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart and has since been certified platinum by the RIAA.

1. Love Like Crazy


By 2010, Brice had released a few singles but was still struggling to make his breakthrough. And then along came Love Like Crazy, a song that not only showcases Brice’s talents for making the ordinary things in life seem beautiful, but which displays his warm, melodic vocals to spectacular effect. It was a huge hit, peaking at No. 3 in the charts and ushering in a new era of commercial success.

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