The 10 Best Tasha Cobbs Leonard Songs of All-Time

Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Natasha Tameika, commonly known as the “Gospel Queen” of worship, is an excellent asset to any church. Her songs are always on point and full of inspiration, with excellent musicianship, including piano solos from her husband, Kenneth Leonard. They had introduced this talent when he played during a conference, and now fans can’t get enough listening sessions for their music, both individually or together.

It shows what love looks like through their words & melodies. The talented singer will move you to tears as she teaches the power of God. All her songs are spirit-filled and have a message that can help people find hope in their lives, which is why they inspire so many listeners. The popular titles on this list focus mainly on those who provide an emotional impact rather than providing skillful or sophisticated musical arrangements.

But don’t let them fool you: these tunes still pack plenty of punch from the beginning until the end. This is thanks to some excellent songwriting skills behind each tune’s memorable melody line backed up by lush instrumentals such as piano chords combined beautifully together for expressive solo parts. In this article, we have ranked the ten best Tasha Cobbs Songs that we know you will enjoy.

10. Get Up

The hymn proclaims that God’s kingdom is rising to its rightful place. It is a position of authority, power, and dominance. Those who have been delivered and set free by the Lord must preach the Lord’s goodness and wonders. I believe the Lord is raising his kingdom. The song asserts this by claiming his goodness will be seen in power and glory. All while freeing those who have been delivered from sin by God’s grace through Jesus Christ.”

9. You Still Love Me

I know you do because there is no better way to enjoy your journey as a Christian, knowing that God is on our side and his work never ends. The song reminds us all of this truth in such an incredible way. Tasha’s testimony backs up everything perfectly: “You don’t need another witness; my life speaks for itself.” Whether battling depression or feeling like giving up altogether because things just aren’t going right now (or any point along the timeline), knowing He’ll always have plans, not only good ones but perfect ones too—and they’re waiting patiently at hand.

8. Here

The songstress released her new single called “Here” in 2017. The track had over 414,278 views on YouTube as of September 2018, just a year after the debut. In the lyrics of this music video from Ireland, she talks about how after being lost for so long trying to find herself again – not just where God is but also what He wants us all individually. We should focus our attention solely on Him because that will ultimately matter most when you’re journeying with him through life.

7. Jesus Did It

The lyrics of this track give an insight into how she looks at others with love and compassion. She also has prophecies for their lives. “This entire world’s fallen on us again,” begins the first verse as everything we’ve grown used to crash around our ears; things break all around you. Things around you might break, yet your goal must continue: “Continue putting your faith in God every step of the way.

6. For Your Glory

The song was released on November 12th 2012 and has been viewed close to 55 million times. It shows how far one can go for God’s glory. When you feel like little could be done, then it will come down upon all things about submission because he desires nothing but what provides him satisfaction. Also, seeing His name maintained among other people’s lives through individuals who submit themselves wholly to his care.

5. This Is a Move

“This Is A Move” is a single that features vocals from producer Kenneth’ Big Dada’ Jarvis Jr., alongside Brandon Lake & Nate Moore’s. The track also has some melodic hooks from Tony Brown and incredible drumming that you will absolutely love hearing in your earphones. Many people received the song well, with Billboard naming it as one of their favorite gospel songs of 2019. It rose to number four on this chart and spent 26 weeks there before being replaced by another popular hit. They earned due praise from church leaders for giving listeners hope and encouragement when needed.

4. Fill Me Up

In her song, she requests God to fill her with the Holy Spirit through this empowering song. The lyrics talk about how she longs and desires an overflow of the Holy Spirit since He already fills everything up in every way possible. In the song, she says that she sometimes feels left wanting more than ever before when life gets tough. Things get tough on earth – especially after sexual assault where “the enemy tried his best” failed spectacularly at taking away your strength.

3. Gracefully Broken

“Gracefully Broken” was an emotionally charged worship track that petitioned God to use her as He saw fit. The song paints a vivid picture of total submission and surrendering oneself completely into His service. Also, not listening only with your ears but also through every part of you, mind-body, heart, spirit, soul (or at least those parts we think about). It was released on August 5th 2017, by faith foundation music group under CCM Records Group LLC.

2. Break Every Chain

The number two song on our list was written and sung by Tasha Cobbs alongside Will Reagan, who sings about God’s immense power in the lyrics. Believers can acknowledge that their captivity is broken when they use His name – even if it were once a source of oppression for them. Many agree this song has been one of her best works so far because she tells an empowering story with a hopeful ending while staying faithful to scripture at all times. The single was released in 2013 and became #1 on the US Gospel charts.

1. The Name of Our God

“The Name of Our God” is a powerful and memorable song that has been enjoyed by many. This track talks about how we should depend on the Lord. He alone can protect us from all evils around us, no matter what they may be in this world today, such as pain or anger. But it’s not just physical struggles because even though you’re surrounded by people who love and care for you, if your heart isn’t right, then those things mean nothing at all. We must never forget How Great He loves us.

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