The 10 Best Saweetie Songs of All-Time


If you love rap music, you may already be a fan of Saweetie. Born in 1993, she’s been active in the music industry since 2018. During that time, she has recorded a number of songs that have become fan favorites. Below are 10 of them, ranked from number 10 to number one, complete with YouTube links for each one.

10. Back Seat (2021)


This song has a tendency to get a bit on the raunchy side, which isn’t entirely uncommon for a lot of rap songs. It talks about someone who enjoys having a particular type of fun in the back seat of cars, if you get the drift. Of course, it’s all told in the rapid-fire way that most rap artists tell their stories, which makes it a lot more fun to listen to as opposed to merely reading a description of the lyrics.

9. Fast (2021)


Here is a song that can be taken a number of different ways, depending on your personal perspective. As far as most people are concerned, it is one that discusses the need to secure one’s position in the things that matter to them in life. The lyrics talk about always being first, even if that means that your best friend or someone else you genuinely care about has to come in last. It’s definitely not a song about selflessness, there’s no doubt about that. Instead, it celebrates the desire to put yourself in the number one slot, even if that has to come at all costs.

8. Back to the Streets (2020)


In this song, the singer is talking about going back to the same streets that she once frequented, only things are different this time. That’s because this time around, she is the one with all of the money, the fame and the attention that goes with all of those things. Instead of being the person that is looking at someone else who has all these things and being in awe, she is the one that everyone else is looking at. It allows her to see the same streets that she always ran as a younger person from an entirely different perspective, yet it also teaches her that even when everything seems different, there are still some things that never change.

7. ICY GRL (2018)


This song has a tendency to use a lot of slang, but it basically talks about the lifestyle of someone who is now rich, famous and has all of the material possessions they want at their fingertips. It’s a song about getting manicures, pedicures and everything else that a person desires, yet feeling a certain emptiness on the inside because life has become about nothing more than material things instead of anything that genuinely matters.

6. My Type (2019)


As you probably guessed from the title, this is a song about finding someone that is appealing to the person singing the lyrics. In this particular case it’s about finding someone that likes many of the same things that the person singing the song also likes and then taking that relationship to the next level almost immediately.

5. Pretty Bitch Freestyle (2020)


Some people might ask what the purpose of this song even is, but fans of the artists have a tendency to enjoy it a great deal. In short, it talks about someone who likes to play the field and as a result, has several children by different women. it also talks about having more money than they know what to do with and then giving a lot of that money to these people in order to take care of the kids. the song even goes on to talk about how people perceive someone who is promiscuous, yet how they don’t ever talk about the way that this person tries his best to take care of the people that have been in his life.

4. Icy Chain (2021)


Sometimes, you just need a feel good song that incorporates your favorite genre of music. Everything doesn’t have to have some meaningful message behind it. Although that’s a good thing, it’s just as good to enjoy something for no other reason than liking the beat and letting it go at that. That’s precisely why so many people love this song. It’s also why it’s managed to stay at the top of her list of top 10 songs. In fact, it has skyrocketed to that position even though it’s a relatively new piece.

3. Sway With Me (2020)


You’ve probably already guessed where this song is going. It starts out talking about the rhythm of music and the need to dance and progresses to doing other activities that are more involved, shall we say. It’s a song that celebrates both life and desire in its most primitive form.

2. Tap In (2020)


This is another song about experiencing success at the highest level. It talks about always getting into the fight and then staying with it, no matter how hard the road ahead becomes. The lyrics speak a great deal of the need to put yourself out there and do whatever is necessary in order to be successful because no one else is going to do it for you. It’s also a song that serves to inspire other people to be in control of their own lives as opposed to allowing outside circumstances to control them. As such, it talks about how you have to take the reins and be in control of everything or else everything around you will be in control of you.

1. Best Friend (2021)


The lyrics in this song celebrate someone who is talking about their best friend, but it does it in a way that is distinctly common to the rap genre. As such, it talks about someone being rather badass and how they can outdance anybody else on the dance floor while simultaneously outperforming them in practically every other way you could imagine.

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