Every The Moms Album Ranked

The Moms albums ranked

The Moms are a self proclaimed rock and roll band from New Jersey that is often classified as a more punk version of modern pop-punk. Unfortunately, The Moms announced their breakup in January 2019 but their fan base and the dedication they brought to the DIY young punk perspective was very refreshing for the genre and surrounding scene. Luckily, the band still had a huge impact on the surrounding music scene in New Jersey and they were able to get the dedicated fans they deserved. Personally, I heard about the band outside of a local show at a venue where the band was handing out demos and I’ve been a fan of them, their music and their approach ever since. The Moms’ first EP and official release, “Viva!” unfortunately isn’t available on streaming services but can be found on YouTube and is definitely worth listening to as well. Below, we’ve ranked the albums from The Moms in our list of releases from the band including their full-lengths and EPs released over the last few years.

4. Doing Asbestos We Can

Doing Asbestos We Can is the newest full-length from The Moms and while every album from the band holds the very strong, DIY, and highly original young, modern punk music that always helped the band stand out exactly as who they are. The Moms have always been strong politically, much like the band like Anti-Flag, and feature the American economy throughout their music. Overall, while The Moms come off as more of a punk band, Doing Asbestos We Can is the most rock and roll material that the band has produced but still feels so natural for the New Jersey rockers. Songs like Fortunate Former start off sounding like an entirely different band from the ska community but quickly feels like a familiar The Moms track. Some of the slowest songs from The Moms are present on this album as well with tracks such as When We’re Older. joyce manor


3. Songs From The Road

Songs From The Road, released in 2017 like Doing Asbestos We Can, was an EP released from the band that only featured four song but the songs stayed very true to the band’s general sound but also had a more raw element to the songs that was refreshing. The EP ranked third on our The Moms album ranked list due to the album not sticking out too much, compared to the rest of their discography but still stayed true to the band’s core sound.

Songs such as 180 Grier on Nursery is one the faster, more party fueled and fast songs found on Songs From The Road and keeps up with the pace as well as any other The Moms track. Overall, Songs From The Road featured some of the bands most natural sounding music and captured the band’s signature sound well. Although only an EP, Songs From The Road was one of the more upbeat and surprising releases from the band, with the arrangement of the songs’ styles.


2. The Snowbird EP

The Snowbird EP is the first official EP released by The Moms and featured six songs, compared to Songs From The Road which had 4 songs on it. This EP, also like Songs From The Road, had it’s own vibe to it while also staying true to The Moms pure DIY punk element that is present in all of their music, ranking the album second on our The Moms albums ranked list. The opening track from The Snowbird EP, Road Soda, pulls some of the most raw emotions and melodic sound ever presented by the band. The Snowbird EP was the perfect release between The Moms full-lengths and displayed a mixed genre sound that holds some of the band’s most memorable songs. Overall, The Snowbird EP featured songs that were a beautiful combination of genres but solidified the rock and roll sound that the band has so naturally achieved before.


1. Buy American

Buy American is the most popular full-length from The Moms and was the first full-length released by the band as well but while it was released in 2014, it held songs that held up very well with the rest of the band’s discography. More than any other release from The Moms, Buy American featured a economic and political issues, as noticeable in the title “Buy American”. Being a younger band, The Moms are often associated with pop-punk bands such as Knuckle Puck but don’t fit into the genre like punk. Overall, Buy American featured some of the most grounded and melodic work from the band at the same time and each chorus, riff and beat of the drums gets you more hooked as the record progressed. Compared to the 90’s, Weezer-like, but still unique, styles used on Doing Asbestos We Can, Buy American ranked first on our The Moms ranked list due to its core concept.

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