A New Rush-Themed Ale Actually Exists Right Now


Fans of the rock and roll group Rush have something new to look forward to. It’s recently been announced that Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee have joined forces to promote a new Canadian Golden Ale that will immortalize the group in a temping cool adult beverage.

Toronto Brewing company capitalizes on Rush fan sentimentality

The new Rush-theme ale is a tribute to the wildly popular group. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, it’s one of the latest products from Henderson Brewing of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Lee and Lifeson even joined in the marketing campaign for the new ale with a humorous video advertising the new Rush Canadian Golden Ale in collaboration with Henderson. Geddy takes on the role of a Beer Drinker while Lifeson is the Beer Scientist who describes the process involved with getting the brew into a glass for serving. It’s a fun video where both members of the band are having a great time, and it draws people in for a closer look at the new Canadian Ale that bears the name of their group.

Who is Henderson Brewing?

Henderson Brewing is unique within the Canadian brewing industry in that it uses ingredients that all come from Canada in the brewing of the Rush-themed Ale. The two spokesmen for Rush admitted that they sampled about 20 different beers before they were satisfied. In the end, they selected three to feature the Rush theme. They’ve been quite involved in the selection process.

A look at the humor of Lifeson and Lee

WMG provides us with a look into the offstage personalities of both Lee and Lifeson. They show a clip from the now popular advertisement clip that shows the two cutting up. They’re really a witty pair who have a lot of fun making plays on words. For example, Lifeson points to one of the vats used in the brewing process at the brewery and he asks Lee, “what’s vat?” This is just one example of the many funny things that the two say to one another while the overall message they’re promoting is that the new Rush-themed ale is fun and leads to good times and lighthearted moments. It’s an advertising strategy that uses implications. When we see the Rush members having such a great time, the human brain tends to foster the notion that drinking the ale will lead to similar circumstances much like the careers of these rock music singers. It will at least conjure memories of the video.

Canadians get the dibs

The official title of the beer is RushCandian Golden Ale by the Henderson Brewing Company if you’re interested, the first batch is set to drop commercially on August 30, 2021. While it’s great news for Canadians the rest of us might not feel too good about its delivery. The problem with the new ale is that you can’t buy it outside of Canada. Those of us who want to give it a try will either need to try our luck with finding it on eBay or drive North from the United States and cross the border into Canada.

The promotions started early

This isn’t the first time that Henderson Brewing has released a Rush-themed beverage. The first run was a limited edition that they called the Rush-themed Canadian Imperial Stout. The beverage was released in 2016 and was only available for a short time. It was called “Put Your Scarf on Geddy,” in a sentimental tribute to Ms. Mary Weinrib, the late mother of Geddy Lee. Lifeson gave a few hints that something new was brewing in July of 2021. He made a teaser post that said Rush project Envy of None according to Exclaim. It’s worth a watch to see the advertisement made by Lifeson and Lee as they describe the new ale in detail from its dense ivory head, its golden color, and earthy aroma with spicy rye, pine, and orange peel hints. The pair does an exceptional job of making the new ale sound appealing if you’re a beer or ale aficionado. In addition, the artwork for the label of the new beer features a lyric from the song “Territories” that includes a lyric alluding to “better beer.” The same artwork that you will see on the label was used for a commemorative T-shirt.

Ready to go yet?

The current promotions of the new Rush-themed Canadian golden ale are well-crafted and they make it look so good that there will likely be a lot of people making a trip to Canada just to give it a try. So far, the brand has no plans to market the new ale outside of its home country of Canada, but you never know, things can change over time. For now, the Ale is only available in Canada

Final thoughts

When we heard the announcement that Henderson Brewing was collaborating on a second Rush-themed beverage it was exciting news. Those of us who enjoy a good heady brew and who are also Rush fans find a certain fascination with anything that has received their stamp of approval. Since Lee and Lifeson hand-picked the ale, it holds even more inherent value for Rush fans. It might be just another ale to those who aren’t into the music and have no sentimental connection to the group, but for those of us who are dyed-in-the-wool fans, knowing it’s something they enjoy and are willing to promote makes it worth at least giving a try. The release of the new Rush-themed ale is just around the corner and there are a lot of us plotting how we’re going to get our hands on a sample pack. For some, it’s going to be a big deal. We’re hoping that the U.S. and Canadian borders will comply with our need for sustenance and keep the borders open for the grand event. We’re watching with bated breath.

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