Paul McCartney Shares His Latest Musical Obsessions are Khruangbin

Paul McCartney the legend of The BEATLES was the guest of a Q&A session on Reddit last day and shared some of his recent musical obsessions.

As you all know, former The BEATLES member Paul McCartney released his new solo album, McCartney III, last week. The McCartney III, the last of an album trilogy, features 11 songs. The album is a sequel to Egypt Station, which hit the worldwide sales charts and was released in 2018. Yesterday, McCartney shared with us the artists he has listened to the most recently.

Question & Answer sessions are held with many celebrities from time to time on Reddit. One of the sessions was held with Paul McCartney the other day, and a very interesting question was asked. Reddit user ‘JunieJunieJunie’ asked about new artists that Paul McCartney had recently listened to. The answer to the BEATLES legend was quite interesting.

In response, McCartney wrote: “I’m lucky, I have a friend who sends me new music which helps me keep in touch with the modern scene.

So I listen to people like Dominic Fike, Beck, St Vincent, and Khruangbin. I also listen to a lot of classic oldies coming through, from rock’n’roll to ’60s to soul to R’n’B, with a sprinkling of classical music now and then.”

After this news went viral, St. Vincent (Annie Erin Clark) showed her happiness and surprise with her Instagram stories. She wrote on her Instagram story “PAUL MCCARTNEY SAYS HE LISTEN TO ME ??”

We wanted to briefly introduce the artists McCartney has been listening to these days for you.

Paul McCartney’s recent musical obsessions


Her actual name is Annie Erin Clark. She is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. She started her music career with the POLYPHONIC SPREE, but her debut album was released in 2007. In recent years, she has become quite popular with his duo with Dua Lipa.

Dominic Fike

Fike, born in 1995, is an American rapper. Dominic Fike released his first demo in 2018 and released his studio album “What Could Possibly Wrong” in 2020.


The band has become popular for blending global musical influences such as classic soul, dub, and psychedelia. They released their first album “The Universe Smiles Upon You” in 2015 and latest released the album “Mordechai” in 2020.

You can check St. Vincent’s Instagram story about McCartney below.

St. Vincent's Instagram story about McCartney

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