Paolo Gregoletto from Trivium interview about Metallica songs

Paolo Gregoletto from Trivium bassist talks about his favorite Metallica songs for cover. He also mentions how he learning to play bass guitar.

On April 24th, Trivium releases its ninth studio album “What the Dead Men Say”. In this album, there’s 10 songs that maybe you like or not. Also, with this Trivium bassist Paolo interview with Radioactive Mike and talked for Metallica, Iron Maiden, learning how to play bass, and their latest album. In this interview, Radioactive Mike asked to a Trivium song he’d like to see Metallica cover, as well as a favorite Metallica song.

Paolo Gregoletto talked about Metallica songs and replied:

“I guess I would ask them to play ‘Shogun’ [the title track of Trivium’s 2008 fourth studio album] because, [1986’s] ‘Master of Puppets’ is a long song, and they play long songs, and that’s a pretty long song of ours. I’m sure they can probably handle that one. I think it would be fun to listen to, see what their interpretation is.”

Then added:

“I feel any time they cover a song, it just turns into a Metallica song; it just kind of becomes their song. I love their covers, probably one of my favorite bands that cover things and just turn it into their own song, which I think it’s such a great quality about them. Favorite Metallica song? I’d definitely say ‘Master of Puppets.’ When we got the offer to do that cover, the Kerrang cover record, I think. It was years ago, we were pretty much right away, ‘We got to do ‘Master of Puppets,’ that’s the song.’

“I mean, the album’s incredible, but that song is the pinnacle of metal, it’s so good. It’s like a catchy song that’s eight and a half minutes long, and it just goes through so many changes.”

Paolo also mentioned the influenced by the Cliff Burton or Iron Maiden’s bassist Steve Harris. You can listen to the Trivium’s Shogun song below.

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