The 10 Best Aaliyah Songs of All-Time


There’s a lot to be said for American singer Aaliyah. For starters, she did a lot more than just sing. She was also an accomplished actress and dancer. Perhaps most importantly, she was credited with redefining R&B music. There is no doubt about it, she had a tendency to do things her way. She never let society determine what she was and was not capable of accomplishing. If there was something she wanted, she went for it and she was willing to work hard enough to make it work. As such, she has a number of songs that people still love to listen to, even 20 years after her untimely death as a result of a helicopter crash.

10. 4 Page Letter (1996)


It’s not at all uncommon for people to sing about love. In fact, that makes up the overwhelming majority of most songs, regardless of the genre in question. That is the case here as well. It’s actually rather sad when you think about it, as the song talks about a person who was warned by both parents not to fall for someone who doesn’t see them for who they are, yet that is exactly what they have done. The song got its title because the lyrics talk about this individual writing a four-page letter to the person who doesn’t even seem to notice that they’re alive, all in hopes of getting their attention and making them realize how they feel. Perhaps the thing that makes the song truly heartbreaking is the fact that there are a lot of real-life relationships that aren’t really all that different from the lyrics in this song. Unfortunately, no one wins in a relationship like this, which is precisely why the song is so relevant, even today.

9. We Need A Resolution (2001)


This is yet another song about two people who were perhaps in love at one time, yet have come to disagree on just about everything. The lyrics of the song talk about how they don’t get along and how they want to resolve those issues, yet every time they try to talk about them, things either degenerate into name-calling or the most important things that should be said aren’t for fear of facing the truth. Basically, the song talks about a relationship that is no longer working on any level, even to the point that the couple are sleeping in different rooms, unable to spend any amount of time together or even be in the same room for more than a couple of minutes without a fight breaking out. This is also one of the last songs released by the singer, as she died the same year it was released.

8. Are You That Somebody? (1998)


At first, this is a song that makes you think that it’s about someone looking for the right relationship, asking the other main player in the song if they are that special someone. This song features hip hop artist Timbaland. To an extent, that’s correct but it doesn’t end there. The song basically goes on to talk about not having the greatest judgement and even about making poor choices in both love and life. Furthermore, it poses a question. Will the other main character in the song help to steer this individual clear of those choices, or merely go along with it all so that they make even more mistakes along the way. It’s definitely not the happy-go-lucky song you might have thought it was in the beginning, but it is one that has a very realistic message.

7. Try Again (2000)


This is Another Song About Love. In this particular version, he talks about falling for someone, then being in a relationship that simply doesn’t work out. Despite that fact, that particular relationship is the only thing that the two characters in the song can ever think about. Eventually, they decide to come together and try to make it work a second time. The song isn’t one of those that has a happy Fairy Tail ending, but one that merely talks about doing your best and seeing how things end up in the long run.

6. Rock The Boat (2001)


If you think that this is anything like a much older song by the same name, think again. As far as that goes, you can think again if you believe for even a moment that this is a song that is remotely about anything that’s actually related to its title. The song is in fact one about the act of having sex. As a matter of fact, there are portions of it that get quite graphic, talking about changing positions and allowing one’s partner to do different ‘things’ in order to stand out from the crowd, so to speak.

5. The One I Gave My Heart To (1996)


This is probably one of the saddest songs that the singer ever recorded. It talks about giving your whole heart to someone, trusting them unconditionally, and then experiencing the sheer and utter heartbreak that comes with misplacing that trust. In the song, she talks about giving her heart to one person and the indescribable pain that comes with having him shatter the trust that she had put in that relationship. Obviously, anyone that’s ever been in a relationship like this can identify with these lyrics. It’s one of the reasons that the song was so popular at the time it was released. It’s also why it has remained such a staple of her work since that time.

4. Back & Forth (1994)


This is one of those standard R&B songs that always seems to find its way into the mix somehow. It doesn’t have a great deal of subject matter, but if you are looking for such a thing, it really just talks about someone going and picking up a lot of girls so he can have his way with them. Despite the fact that she is basically credited with revolutionising R&B music and this is very much anything but an example of that, it is still a song that is considered one of her most beloved by many of her fans.

3. One in a Million (1996)


This is definitely one of her more positive songs. It talks about her falling for someone that is unlike anyone else she’s ever met in her life and how she wants to share the rest of her life with that individual. Hopefully, every person will have an opportunity to feel this way at some point in their life. It’s easy to see why this is a song that has endeared itself to so many people over the years.

2. If Your Girl Only Knew (1996)


As you might have guessed, the title of this song pretty much says it all. It talks about someone having a relationship with another person, all while they are involved in an intimate relationship with someone else. In the song, the other woman finds out about this relationship. She is essentially telling this person off, saying that if his girl only knew what he was really like, he’d end up with no one at all.

1. At Your Best (You Are Love) (1994)


It’s easy to understand how this song ends up in the number one spot. It talks about someone who doesn’t always feel strong. In fact, there are times when the individual in the song feels like the entire world is closing in around them. They have one saving grace, and that is the person that they are in a relationship with. In the song, that individual is referred to as love. The song goes on to talk about how this person motivates others to do their best, even when they’re having anything but their best day. Who wouldn’t want to listen to a song like this?

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