IN FLAMES Frontman Andres: "I don't think there's gonna be festivals in 2021"
Andres Fridén – IN FLAMES

IN FLAMES frontman Anders Fridén talks about the upcoming festivals. He doesn’t seem hopeful for the return of live shows before the end of 2021.

In August, IN FLAMES released a special 20th-anniversary edition of its most-known “Clayman” album. “Clayman 20th Anniversary Edition” out fully remastered by producer Ted Jensen. This special edition also includes artwork in a 16-page booklet, instrumental medley plus four re-recorded versions of fan favorites songs such as “Only For The Weak” and “Pinball Map”.

Also, Anders talks about this edition: “This record changed our career in a number of ways. Being the 20th anniversary this year, we had to do something massive for the fans. Going back into the studio to re-record some of the original tracks took us right back in time to when we first recorded them. Every detail of the new artwork and visuals was deeply thought out keeping in mind what the Jesterheads would want to see most. This one’s for you. Thank you for 20 years of »Clayman«.”

During the interview Finland’s Kaaos TV, Anders Fridén reveals his thoughts for how this pandemic affects the touring and festivals:

“We don’t have a date. If we at least had a date, where people in control could say, ‘Okay, January 1st, you can go back to do what you do. But our whole business is pretty much on hold. Everyone that’s working for us and around us – agents, people that work on stage – I mean, everyone affected by this, of course. And it’s not that easy to start this machine immediately like that. And I don’t think politicians realize that. It’s not like we take a guitar and go play a show. It’s not that easy, especially for a touring band of our size.”

Anders also added:

“I don’t think there’s gonna be festivals next summer. I think the festival owners and organizers still say [there’s] gonna be, but I don’t think there’s gonna be that many people in one place. It’s kind of sad when you think about it.”

You can watch the full interview from above. Listen to the IN FLAMES – “Clayman” (Re-Recorded) version below. You can also order this album here.

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