The 10 Best Nonpoint Songs All Time


Every band has those tracks that aren’t similar to others but you can still jam to them. These ten songs from Miami Florida reggae-rock group Nonpoint would balance out any playlist. This band has been around since 1997, starting their career in the metalcore or even into the nu-metal scene. Over the years, they have made many changes to style; however, some songs still keep their original roots firmly planted in rock music of the 2000’s era. Nonpoint mixes genres like no other band out there and their sound is like no other. Some songs are hard; some are soft; all of them make you want to sing along and pump your fist (or air guitar if no one is watching).

10. Left For You


This song is about someone who finds themselves in a new situation, and the only comparison they can make is to their previous position. It’s a great track with a catchy rhythm that could easily be one of Nonpoint’s best songs. It’s an excellent song for motivating someone to move on from difficult situations in their life. If you are trying to escape the past, this song is one you should check out. Left for you is one of the best songs by Nonpoint.

9. Ruthless


Ruthless is one of the most upbeat songs Nonpoint has ever written. The song is about standing up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone. Nonpoint’s music is very emotional, and this song fits that theme. The track talks about the struggles of life and how we as humans can overcome those struggles with the power to fight.

8. What A Day


The lyrics of this song show the band has lyrical depth; “What A Day! To see your face for the last time before I lay to rest these demons in my head.” The song is about losing someone close to you, as lead singer Elias Soriano had to deal with losing his sister in a car accident. This one talks about the struggles of watching someone you love die and wondering why it happened.

7. In The Air Tonight


In the Air Tonight is no cover song; it’s a Phil Collins classic from 1980. Not only does Nonpoint manage to pull off this monumental feat of musical history, but they also make it their own. The song is about Phil’s divorce and how he stood there in the rain watching his world fall apart. Nonpoint gives this one a darker feel with the heavier guitar but still keeps it light enough that it won’t rattle your windows.

6. Chaos and Earthquakes


The lyrics of ” Chaos and Earthquakes,” are about someone who is going through a tough time and doesn’t know what to do other than scream it out. If you’re going through something difficult, this song could help you express yourself in the same way as the lyrics describe. “Chaos and Earthquakes” is a great song for the times when you want to let out all the frustration and anger that you’re feeling.

5. The Truth (feat. Andrew Wood of Malfunction)


The greatest thing about this song is not the Andrew Wood feature; however, it does add a ton to the track. It gives it that deeper meaning that we love from Nonpoint songs. The song is about life and all of its struggles. It tells the story of a man who struggles to find faith but has had enough and is tired of hearing people spout their religious views as though they speak some universal truth, “Where do you get your authority? From your dictionary or the bible in your hand?”

4. Bullet With A Name


This track has a very dark feel to it that sets it apart from many of its others. You can feel the pain in Soriano’s voice as he belts out, “We’ve got too much time on our hands now, we think we’re all invincible, we got bullets with names!” The song is from the perspective of a soldier who can’t wait to come home and be part of a family again. It’s unique as it takes a topic that not many other bands write about.

3. Left For You


Left For You is a song about letting go of the past and moving forward. Chances are we’ve all felt like we needed to move on from some aspect of our lives and this song tells you that it’s okay to leave your old self in the past and start new. This song has great guitar work, drums, and bass, but the vocals are the best. Nonpoint’s vocalist has great range, and this is one of their best songs ever.

2. Alive And Kicking


This classic has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, meaning that it must be good. The song is about letting go of your problems and embracing life, “So if you’re down for the count, I’m going to keep my foot on your neck! Because I am alive And kicking.” There is an underlying message in this little rock tune that seems to reach out to people struggling with loss in a way that they can relate to.

1. Breaking The Skin


The track is from the seventh studio album by American heavy metal band Nonpoint. The album features what many agree to be their best work. “Breaking The Skin” was one of the last songs written for this album, and it brought everything together in the end. It is about someone who realizes that they are not happy with their life choices, so they decide to change them. Nonpoint’s music runs the gambit of styles and emotions, but their talent always shines through. Their lyrics are uplifting and great to listen to when you want to relax or if you’re going through a tough time in life. If you’ve never heard any songs from this band, I would suggest checking them out.

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