The 10 Best Olivia Rodrigo Songs of All-Time

Olivia Rodrigo

Born on February 20, 2003, at the Rancho Springs Medical Center in Murietta, California is Olivia Isabel Rodrigo. This Filipino-American actress and songwriter is best known for her roles as Paige Olveria on the Disney Channel’s series, Bizaardvark, and as Nini Salazar-Roberts with Disney’s mockumentary series (High School Musical: The Musical: The Series). Signing with Interscope Records in 2020, as well as Geffen Records, saw the official production and release of Rodrigo’s debut single (Driver’s License) ni 2021. It quickly topped the charts at a worldwide level, serving as her breakthrough as an independent artist.

The song was followed by (Deja Vu) and (Good 4 U), which also come from her first studio album (Sour) which was officially released on May 21, 2021. Rodrigo credits American country artist Taylor Swift as her primary influence, as well as her parents’ musical interest in the alternative rock music genre. Since kindergarten, Rodrigo has learned to play the piano, take singing lessons, as well as acting classes. At the age of six years old, she began acting in theater productions for schools and by the age of twelve was playing guitar. Once old enough to move out on her own, Rodrigo relocated to Los Angeles once she landed her role with Disney’s Bizaardvark series. Since then, she has starred in an Old Navy commercial, plus three film productions, all of which earned Rodrigo stardom as a young actress, musician, and songwriter.

10. 1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back


Olivia Rodrigo makes her mark as a world-class songwriter with the fourth single from her debut album (Sour) as (1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back). Not only does this power ballad showcase Rodrigo’s talent as a vocalist, but puts the world on notice there is more to her than simply another starlet that would be easily forgettable. On the music charts, it peaked as high as #17 with Canada’s Hot 100, as well as Billboard’s newly launched Global 200 Chart. With Australia’s ARIA charts, it reached #18 and on the US Billboard Hot 100, at #19. New Zealand’s Official Music Chart topped it in at #26. This song also earned MC Gold Certification since its release.

9. Enough for You


Also coming from Rodrigo’s 2021 debut album (Sour) is its seventh song (Enough for You), which is another strong ballad that she is best known for. With the Billboard Global 200, it peaked at #13 while it reached #14 with US Billboard Hot 100, Australia’s ARIA, and Canada’s Hot 100 charts. In New Zealand, it came in 21st while with Spain’s Productores de Musica de Espana and Sweden’s Sverigetopplistan charts at #89. Since its release, this song earned MC Gold Certification.

8. Jealousy, Jealousy


Another MC Gold single coming from Olivia Rodrigo is the song (Jealousy, Jealousy), which was an unreleased single she performed in April 2020. When interviewed about the song, she admitted the song is the written result of her distaste towards unrealistic expectations that have become the norm among social media platforms. It seems music fans and critics agreed with her because it was good enough to become charted at #19 with Billboard Global 200, #21 in Canada, #22 in Australia, #24 with the US Billboard Hot 100, #32 with the Irish Singles Chart, #33 in New Zealand, and #36 with UK’s Singles Chart.

7. Happier


Stemming from her debut album (Sour) is Rodrigo’s single (Happier), which also achieved MC Gold Certification. On the music charts, it came in at #14 with Billboard Global as well as in New Zealand., as well as #15 with US Billboard Hot 100, Australia, and Canada. It placed 28th with Norway’s VG-lista chart, and at 92nd in Spain.

6. All I Want


The piano playing in the song (All I Want), followed by the soft cello, adds that much more appeal with Rodrigo fans and music critics alike. Written and performed in 2019 by Rodrigo for the Disney+ movie soundtrack (High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Soundtrack), it has quickly become an all-time favorite. Since the song’s release, it has achieved Platinum Certification with RIAA (USA), ARIA (Australia), and MC (Canada). With the UK’s BPI, it earned Silver. Officially on the music charts, the song ranked highest in Ireland at #16. In New Zealand, it placed 19th. Elsewhere, it peaked at #32 in the UK, #78 in Canada, #88 in Sweden, #90 with the US Billboard Hot 100, and at #199 with Billboard Global.

5. Favorite Crime


In addition to achieving certifications from ARIA (Gold), BPI (Silver), MC (Platinum), and New Zealand’s RMNZ (Gold), the hit (Favorite Crime) comes from Rodrigo’s debut album (Sour). According to the music charts, it reached #6 in New Zealand, #8 in Ireland, #13 in Australia, #14 in Canada and Billboard Global, #16 on US Billboard Hot 100, #17 in the UK, #21 in Norway, and #76 in Sweden.

4. Deja Vu


(Deja Vu) was officially released as a single from her debut album (Sour) in 2021. The certifications this song has received so far include BPi’s Gold, as well as Platinum with RIAA, ARIA, and RMNZ. In Canada, it has reached Double Platinum. In Ireland, this song achieved its highest rank at #2. Between Australia, New Zealand, and the US Billboard Hot 100 it came in at #3. Among Canadians and the UK, it peaked at #4. The song also charted to #17 in Norway, #24 with Denmark’s Hitlisten music chart, #33 with the Dutch GfK chart, and at #46 in Sweden.

3. Traitor


From the debut album (Sour) is the song (Traitor), which quickly charts, reaching as high as #3 with Ireland’s official music chart. Between Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, it peaked at #5. With Canada and the US Billboard Hot 100, the single ranked at #9. In Norway, it reached #16, #38 in Denmark, #53 with the Dutch, and #56 in Sweden. Adding to Traitor’s resume as a hit single includes certifications from ARIA (Gold), BPI (Silver), MC (Platinum), and RMNZ (Gold).

2. Good 4 U


Clean through all the world-class music charts, Rodrigo’s single (Good 4 U) from her debut album (Soul) reaches #1. Only with Sweden’s Sverigetopplistan’s chart did it fail to edge beyond #2. The multiple certifications this 2021 song earned so quickly include RIAA’s Platinum, ARIA’s 2x Platinum, BPI’s Platinum, IFPI’s (Denmark) Gold, MC’s 3x Platinum, and RMNZ’s Platinum.

1. Driver’s License


The most commercially successful song of all time (Driver’s License) is credited to Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album (Soul). It was the first single released from it and the most successful. On every single music chart worldwide, it earned #1. Adding to its success are the certifications of 3x Platinum from RIAA, 4x Platinum from ARIA, Platinum from BPI and IFPI Den, 5x Platinum from MC, and 2x Platinum from RMNZ.

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