The 10 Best REO Speedwagon Songs of All-Time

If you’re a fan of REO Speedwagon and are having trouble ranking what their best songs are, then we have the answer for you. The band has released many great songs over the years, but not all of them can make this list. We compiled our picks for the ten best REO Speedwagon songs to ever be recorded in history:

10. Music Man (1972)


Music Man was first released on their 1972 debut album, and as such, it also appears on several of their best-of albums. The lyrics tell of how someone who starts out with “nothing” can aspire to be something great through hard work. It was written primarily by lead singer Kevin Cronin. It is ranked as the tenth best song by REO Speedwagon of all time because it reminds listeners about how any person can become successful in life with a little ambition and hard work.

9. Keep the fire burning (1982)


“Keep the Fire Burning” is a song that has some great energy and addicting vibes. The track was released in 1982 as an opening single for their album “Good Trouble.” This highly anticipated record was coming off of one of their best records, High Infidelity. The song features one of the most distinctive keyboard riffs in all of its music. The track was written by lead guitarist Gary Richrath, and it’s a great way to start off an album that is on fire.

8. Say you love me or say goodnight (1978)


This song is one of the more well-known songs by REO Speedwagon, which was released in 1978. The lyrics are about a relationship between two people who have been together for a while and how they want to show each other their love before going to bed at night. The song talks about how this person’s words can’t express her feelings for her lover, and how she wants to tell him that he’s the best thing in her life.

7. Building the bridge (1996)


It is hard to believe that REO Speedwagon was on the cusp of their first decade as a band when they released this song. The theme of coming together during difficult times is uplifting and will never go out-of-date but “Building the Bridge” has a slow feel with a soft melody which makes it relaxing for listeners while Cronin sings earnestly in an effort to bring people back together after such tumultuous events.

6. Roll with the changes (1978)


“Roll with the Changes” is a track from REO Speedwagon’s 1978 album, You Can Tune A Piano But You Can’t Tuna Fish. The song was written by lead guitarist Gary Richrath and vocalist Kevin Cronin in 1977. The song peaked at number twenty-four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1978, making it REO’s second most successful single to date.

5. Can’t fight this feeling (1984)


This song was a huge hit and it’s still popular today. The song is about being unable to fight the feeling of love. The lyrics are very catchy and they’re a lot of fun to sing along with. It also features some excellent guitar playing from Gary Richrath, who was one of the best rock guitarists in history. He had an amazing tone and he knew how to play the guitar with a lot of souls.

4. Time for me to fly (1978)


Time for me to fly is the fourth song on REO Speedwagon’s album You Can Tune a Piano, But You can’t Tuna Fish. The lyrics of this song are about someone who has reached the point where they have decided it’s time for them to go and their friends agree with them. The band had a difficult time recording this song. The band members wanted to create a sound that sounded like they were playing in the background of an empty room, but engineer Steve Churchyard kept putting on more and more instruments until it felt like there was too much going on. The first time we heard this song at REO Speedwagon’s concert in 1978, I thought that it would be the last song they would ever perform and that it was a perfect way for them to go out. A few years ago, I found out that this is one of their most requested songs. The lyrics were written by lead singer Kevin Cronin when he was in high school as an assignment from his teacher who wanted him to write about something he loved.

3. Then I met you (1996)


The third best REO Speedwagon song of all time is “Then I met you” from the album The Earth, a small planet. This album was released in 1996 and features 12 songs that span genres such as pop rock and power ballad to please any fan’s preferences. One example of this genre variety is heard on the sixth track “We Don’t Run”, which is a country song. The lyrics of this album showcase the band’s history in first-hand accounts and are very personal to them as if they’re telling their own story through a third-party narrative.

2. Don’t let him go (1980)


Listening to the opening track off Hi Infidelity can leave you with a sugar rush. The electric guitar, acoustic guitars, and keyboards combine for an ear candy combination that begs your fingers to dance on the keys as soon as “Don’t Let Him Know” hits its last note. The lyrics are about a woman who has been seeing her lover for three years, but he’s still not ready to commit. Judging from the first lines of “Don’t Let Him Go,” it would be easy to assume that this song is all about being clingy and needy in an effort to get what you want. The lyrics, however, are actually about trying not to show too much interest in a man who might leave if he thinks that she’s too eager for commitment or is only interested because she wants something other than his love – like having kids.

1. Keep on loving you (1980)


This song almost didn’t make it to the top. In an interview of UCR with the band’s keyboardist Neal Doughty, he said that Kevin Cronin wrote it on a piano and started playing. At first, the band members didn’t like it. They thought that it was soft for them. This changed when Gary Richrath added his part as a guitarist on it. It was a nice move. Because of it, the Hi Infidelity album top of the chart for 15 weeks. This album has sold more than $10 million.


There you go, a complete list of The Ten Best REO Speedwagon Songs. May this article has been helpful for you and you are able to find some great classics that have passed your way in the past but forgotten about. If not, go ahead and take another look at the songs on our list because they are all worthy pieces of art from one of America’s most popular bands.

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