The 10 Best Robyn Songs of All Time


They say, “Robyn is the Britney Spears of Sweden.” It is no surprise that the Swedish-born singer, songwriter, DJ, and record producer has been a showbiz sensation since her first debut album, “Robyn Is Here,” in 1995. Born on June 12, 1979, Robin Miriam Carrison started her music career at the mere age of 16. Her last album was in 2010, but the Stockholm-born star’s music lives on. This list of the ten best Robyn songs of all time will tell you why.

10. Dream On (Christian Falk ft. Robyn) (2009)


“Dream On” is another electronica song that Robyn collaborated with Klas Áhlund and Christian Falk, the songwriter and producer. It’s one of the tracks featured in Falk’s 2006 album, “People Say.” According to the Interns, this track is pop-genre and shares almost the same melodic feel as “With Every Heartbeat.” Listen to this song to kickstart your busy day ahead.

9. Monument- Feat. Röyksopp- The Inevitable end version


“Monument” is a tease of a song under that name performed by Olof Dreijer. While Olof promised to release it, the promise never materialized. The torch song sounds melodramatic, giving the impression of a jubilatory emotion. While Robyn tries looking inconspicuous, you can spot her a mile away. The biggest selling point of this song is the sleek blonde ponytails thronging the streets of Stockholm. Despite the heavy crowd in “Monument,” Robyn still stands out of the crowd. It’s a song you would want to listen to when you’re feeling disempowered.

8. Love Kills (2010)


“If you’re looking for love, get a heart made of steel because you know that love kills.” Those are the powerful lyrics from Robyn’s “Love Kills.” The dramatic emotions in this song will make you feel less loved but ironically portrays how love works these days. Make no mistake, Robyn isn’t demotivating you to stop loving, but to be careful enough to guard your heart while at it. Listen to this song when your relationship is on eggshells.

7. Love is Free- La Bagatelle Magique Feat. Maluca (2015)


“Love is Free” by Robyn was more of an unimaginative concept that she wanted to try to see if her fans would buzz with excitement. The song performed so well in the US and European charts as fate would have it. It was a collaboration with Markus Jágerstedt and Christian Falk. Unfortunately, Falk breathed his last in 2014, and this song was Robyn’s way of paying tribute. In addition, it’s an excellent dancehall track. Listen to this song when you’re in a dancing mood

6. Keep This Fire Burning (2002)


Of all the tracks featuring in Robyn’s album “Don’t Stop the Music,” “Keep This Fire Burning” is one of the best singles she’s released. Released in 2002, the track is the first single from the album and is the highest-charted single since the 1995’s “Do You Really Want Me? Show Respect”. Interestingly, Robyn released it as a single in Australia as a tribute to the bushfires that wreaked havoc at the time. By 2008, it appeared Robyn’s eponymous album as a special edition. Listen to this song to revive your lost hope in life

5. Indestructible (2010)


In the seventh studio album, “Body Talk,” you will find Robyn’s “Indestructible” song. Robyn and Klas Áhlund wrote it as a single lead following similar scripts. The two worked together to create a euphoric chorus that made it to the center of the dancefloor. While it’s not as powerful as other dancehall songs, it’s still a creative masterpiece. Listen to this song to help you let your guard down

4. Be Mine


We all know Robyn for being a “cry baby” through her breakup song, but we still believe it’s her way of inspiring people to liberate themselves from the mental issues they face every day. Her song, “Be Mine!” sounds more liberating. Our favorite line is, “It’s a good thing tears never show in the pouring rain as if a good thing ever could make up for all the pain.” The line is an expression of sadness, but it brings out some sense of independence despite the challenges you may face every day. The song makes you feel liberated from mental shackles.

3. Honey


“Honey” is an alternative pop song with a dash of techno that Robyn released in 2018, making it a fun club song. While she’s mainly associated with pop, this song proves that she can tweak club music so well. You might notice it has sleek dance moves that can set you craving for clubbing. It’s a perfect song to listen to if you’re getting worked up by her “sorry” songs. Listen to this song to set you in the mood for dancing.

2. With Every Heartbeat feat Kleerup (2007)


In 2007, Robyn released yet another song called “With Every Heartbeat” alongside Kleerup, the producer. We ranked it number two because it’s the song that made Robyn a successful star globally. The song sounds more orchestral-like and might not strike you as powerful unless you reach the end. It’s at the end where you will notice the beat at its full force. Listen to this song to feel euphoric.

1. Dancing On My Own


Robyn is a confessed LBGTQ+ icon. Her song “Dancing On My Own” might sound heartbreaking, but it’s a perfect way to allow others to come out of the closet. Another reason we ranked it number is one is that it’s become her second-biggest single overall. At the time of this review, the video had already amassed 13.8 million views. The number is expected to rise soon. Listen to this song to feel energized.


From her songs, you can tell that Robyn is talented and passionate about music. Her talent in songwriting is also an added advantage for a Swedish-born artist competing against other American-born stars. Our ranking might sound a bit biased, but we’re counting on you to listen to each one to prove us right or wrong. Happy listening!

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