The 10 Best Songs about Pies

All sorts of items, topics, and experiences can inspire songwriters, bands, and artists when coming up with ideas for new songs, even food. There are a surprising number of songs that use pies as the main topic for a song, and there are examples from different decades and from artists connected with different genres of music. Sometimes, the song is about pies in the literal sense, while others use pies in a symbolic way to represent emotions or situations. Pies are also used in songs as a sexual innuendo, in many cases. Here are the 10 best songs about pies.

10. Cherry Pie, Warrant (1990)


‘Cherry Pie’ is a single by the glam metal band Warrant. It was released in 1990 as the lead single on the album of the same name. The song has become known as a hair metal anthem, and it charted at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was written by the band’s frontman Jani Lane in 15 minutes, and it was inspired by Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me.’

9. Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie (1968)


Ranker rates ‘Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie’ as one of the best songs about pie. The song was written in 1967 by Maurice Irby, Jr., and released the following year by Jay & the Techniques. It was originally offered to Bobby Hebb, but he did not like the novelty sound of the song, so it was rejected. There have been multiple other versions of the song, the most recent of which by Brave Combo in 1999.

8. Sweet Potato Pie, James Taylor (1988)


‘Sweet Potato Pie’ was a song that appeared on James Taylor’s 1988 album, ‘Never Die Young,’ which was his 12th studio album. It is a rock-influenced song with some great electric guitar work. The song is about being lucky and feeling happy, and the pie is intended as a symbolism of this happiness.

7. Slice of Pie, Motley Crue (1989)


‘Slice of Pie’ is a Motley Crue track that appeared on their fifth studio album, ‘Dr. Feelgood.’ An interesting fact about this song is that the end of the track is based on the Beatles’ song ‘She’s So Heavy,’ which was on their ‘Abbey Road’ album.

6. Devil’s Pie, D’Angelo (1998)


BuzzFeed lists D’Angelo’s ‘Devil’s Pie’ as one of the best songs about pies. D’Angelo is a neo-soul musician, and he released ‘Devil’s Pie’ as a promotional single for ‘Voodoo,’ his second studio album. He composed this song in collaboration with DJ Premier, a hip-hop producer of the group Gang Starr. The song was on the soundtrack for the 1998 film ‘Belly.’

5. Flaming Pie, Paul McCartney (1997)


‘Flaming Pie’ is a track on Paul McCartney’s album of the same name that was released in 1997. It was his tenth solo studio album and the first he had released in four years. The gold-certified album peaked at number two in both the UK and the United States. Despite appearing as the title track on the album, ‘Flaming Pie’ was not released as a single.

4. American Pie, Don Mclean (1971)


‘American Pie’ is consistently ranked as one of the best songs with food in the title, so it clearly also one of the best songs about pies. It was written and released by Don McClean in 1971. The song is about how McClean felt when he learned as a child of the deaths of Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens in a plane crash. According to The Fruity Tart, the song was a number one hit in the United States for four weeks and reached number two in the charts in the UK. Since the original was released, there have been multiple covers of this song, including a version by Madonna.

3. Country Pie, Bob Dylan (1969)


Bob Dylan’s ‘Country Pie’ was a track from his 1969 album ‘Nashville Skyline.’ It is a country music song that really is about a country pie, with no hidden meanings or innuendos. He sings about his love calling him home for dinner to enjoy his country pie. However, despite the innocent lyrics of the song, there remain people who believe that there is an underlying message and hidden meaning relating to sexual activity in this song. Although it was one of the most popular tracks from ‘Nashville Skyline,’ ‘Country Pie’ was not released as a single.

2. Honey Pie, The Beatles (1968)


Like many of the songs about pies, the song isn’t really about a pie at all. It is a song written by Paul McCartney about how he wishes his lover, who is now a famous actress, would return to him to live in the old country. This song was a track on their 1968 eponymous double album ‘The Beatles,’ which is also known as the ‘White Album.’ Although the song was written only by Paul McCartney, it was credited as the Lennon-McCartney partnership.

1. Custard Pie, Led Zeppelin (1975)


According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the best song about pies is ‘Custard Pie’ by Led Zeppelin. Although Led Zeppelin claimed that they love custard pies, there is very clear sexual innuendo in the song. One of the influences for this song was ‘Drop Down Mama,’ which was a 1935 blues song by Sleepy John Estes. ‘Custard Pie’ is the first track on Led Zeppelin’s double album ‘Physical Graffiti.’ Robert Plant plays a harmonica break on this track, while John Paul Jones plays the electric clavinet.

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