The 10 Best White Wizzard Songs of All-Time

White Wizzard

From Out of Control to Marathon of Dreams, White Wizzards’ discography could be its own heavy metal Guitar Hero series. Not only would it sound amazing, but there’s plenty of technical challenge in the top ten best White Wizzard songs of all time. Well crafted, every song shows the band’s overall mastery of their craft. If you want rock that sounds like everything other bands aspire to become, this is the list for you. Every song is a hit whether it technically made the charts or not. This is one top ten no metal fans should miss with fast drums, faster guitar lines, and outstanding lyrics and vocals.

10. Viral Insanity


After breaking up for a while, fans of the traditional metal band White Wizzard were thrilled to hear about this year’s album. Viral insanity featuring Mark Boals, this heavy-hitting song has the sort of title you’d expect for a pandemic-infested planet. Beginning with an emergency siren and a fantastic riff, this song lives up to its name and stays on message about the ‘viral insanity’ we’ve all had to deal with for the last year-plus. While there’s no real surprise in the subject, it’s a great song and one that we can all connect to personally.

9. High Roller


The connection between heavy metal and gambling is a subject plenty of bands have taken on over the years. The extreme highs and lows of gambling are familiar to musicians, especially those who do well and tour regularly. This is a great addition to any top ten list for a feel-good yet still hard and heavy song about taking your chances and traveling. Naturally, there are elements of the party lifestyle that comes with music. However, it’s the incredible guitar work that brings this song to the next level.

8. Chasing Dragons


The term ‘chasing the dragon’ is a common drug reference to opium, but this song doesn’t come out and directly say that is what this is about. Whether it’s a metaphor or just a similar title, the video says plenty. With disturbing images of a lover’s quarrel and lyrics about dying in a woman’s arms, it’s a dark message. However, bad relationships can be a lot like drug problems, so it works either way.

7. Infernal Overdrive


If your playlist is all about the rise of technology and how we are all slaves to the machine, this is number one with a bullet. The internet was supposed to help connect us all, and machines were intended to make life easier. That was the dream anyhow. In reality out addiction to technology has become cult-like, and our dependence keeps us trapped.

6. Marathon of Dreams


Songs like Infernal Overdrive and Chasing Dragons are all about the dark side of life, but Marathon of Dreams takes a look at the infinite possibilities. Seeking positivity in a dark and dangerous world can be difficult, but it is possible. Although the content of this song is a little more lighthearted than most White Wizzard songs, the sound is still that classic hard, and heavy we’ve come to expect from the band.

5. Lightning in My Hands


The power of music is undeniable. Whoever you are, whatever your taste, there’s a song that can make you feel joy and elation, power and passion, sorrow, rage, and everything else a human can feel. Lightning in my hands is definitely about the power of rock, and especially the power of an outstanding guitar. You don’t have to be an aspiring musician to feel this in your core, but it wouldn’t hurt.

4. Shooting Star


Just as there’s a link between drug use and music, there’s also a deep link to magic. A classic, magic-based song about dragons and rainbows and mysticism belongs on every traditional heavy metal lineup. For White Wizzard, Shooting Star is that song. If images of covers from Heavy Metal Magazine don’t flow through your head when you hear this song, you probably need to go back and look at the magazine again.

3. Out Of Control


Do you need a good anthem about how wild and loud heavy metal music is? Don’t answer that. Everyone needs a song about how awesome metal is and has always been. Out of control is one of those rock-legend songs you’d expect from a band like White Wizzard, and they delivered big time with this song.

2. Over The Top


Over the Top is all about chasing your dreams and being willing to fight for them. When you need a pick-me-up, but it has to absolutely rock you to the core, pull up this song and put it on repeat. You’ll soar with the lyrics. This is the B-side to every dark anthem. Heavy metal isn’t always about gore and darkness. It can help lift your spirits and inspire you without losing the loud, fast center that makes it metal. White Wizzard, as a traditional metal band, has decidedly mastered its craft.

1. High Speed GTO


Living in the fast lane is just part of the metal lifestyle. White Wizzard captures that fast and, dare we say, furious lifestyle completely in this best-loved song. The anger at a breakup might be about a woman or a band, but it doesn’t matter in the end. This song won the 2008 Action On Film Award for Best Music Video for a good reason. If you only want to listen to one song from White Wizzard to see if you’ll like their music, put this on and get ready for a new metal addiction.

Final Thoughts

With a distinct hint of classic metal bands like Iron Maiden and more modern groups like Atreyu and Bullet For My Valentine, this is metal and hard rock at its finest. Listening to this music can remind you of older eras of rock. However, the original songs and clear talent of every member elevate WW to the next level effortlessly. Whether you want something that feels nostalgic without actually repeating a song you’ve heard a million times, or you are just in the mood to expand your metal and rock playlists, White Wizzard is what you need.

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