DEFTONES New Album Release Date Revealed for Fall 2020

DEFTONES new album release date revealed for this fall. They finally announce the upcoming ninth album coming on this September 25th, 2020.

Earlier this month, DEFTONES‘s frontman Chino Moreno revealed a clue for the new album release date. Moreno talks: “We have a record that we finished maybe – I don’t know – about a month ago, we finally got all the final mixes of it. It’s supposed to come out in, I think, September. But we’re really happy with it. We worked with one of our longtime producer buddies, Terry Date, who did our first three albums. We hadn’t done a record with him in a while, and we went back to the studio with him, and it was super awesome. Hopefully, maybe September.” However today the band’s official website creates an URL to give hint about the upcoming album.

Also, DEFTONES posted a tweet and revealed out some coordinates:

They also posted this animated announcement: “No you will never find me” So according to this message on a website ( for the possible release date this Fall. DEFTONES will release the upcoming album on September 25th, 2020. And, the new album title “s” in Ohms.

Normally, the band wants to make a huge tour of this new album with Gojira and Poppy. But due to the ongoing pandemic, they postponed this tour next year. Also, the Knotfest host posted this tweet below.

You can also listen to the DEFTONES – Passenger below.

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