Deftones’ Chino Moreno for new album: “Come out in I think September”

Deftones upcoming and the new album almost ready according to Chino Moreno. He also reveals the release date for Fall 2020.

A few weeks ago, the band drummer Abe Cunningham talks about in an interview that the Deftones’s new album. He also says the “Hopefully, maybe September.” But the band frontman Moreno who require all band-related news to be uttered needs with him. He also recently joined Tim “Herb” Alexander for the PRIMUS drummer’s “Herb’s Happy Hour” program on Instagram. In this video interview, Chino and PRIMUS drummer talks about the Deftones’ upcoming album.

Speaking to Primus drummer Tim Alexander on his program “Herb’s Happy Hour” video interview series, Chino Moreno added:

“We have a record that we finished maybe — I don’t know — about a month ago, we finally got all the final mixes of it. It’s supposed to come out in, I think, September. But we’re really happy with it. We worked with one of our longtime producer buddies, Terry Date, who did our first three albums. We hadn’t done a record with him in a while, and we went back in the studio with him, and it was super awesome.”

Then Moreno added:

“It’s kind of been weird because we recorded everything — the music stuff — all last summer in L.A., and then we have been working on overdubs and vocals and mixing and all that stuff since then, so it’s almost been a year.

But, obviously, the last six months have kind of been doing everything remote [due to the coronavirus pandemic]… Mainly, it was just me. All the music stuff was done, so just mainly vocal stuff, and then mixing and mastering, going back and forth. But we finally finalized everything, I wanna say a few weeks ago, maybe a month ago now. It’s gonna be sweet. I’m excited about it.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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