The 10 Best Kari Jobe Songs of All-Time

Kari Jobe

Kari Brooke Jobe is an amazing gospel singer. If you’re her fan, you can attest that she’s a rare gem in the music industry. Her gospel music will elevate the soul of any believer into a worshiping mood. This American Christian singer and songwriter made her first release in 2009. Since then, she’s grown her brand popularity, becoming one of the most admired gospel singers and a favorite to many. Here are some of her best top 10 hits that place her in the spotlight.

10. Speak to Me


Released in 2017 is this single ‘speak to me,’ from the Garden album. You’d want to play this song whenever you wish to hear God’s voice talking to you. Does God talk to us? Yes, and unfortunately, we sometimes don’t notice. But, why wait for God to show up in your life when you can request Him to talk to you not only through prayer but through this impactful song? With over 2.6 million views on YouTube, it’s no doubt that many seek out God’s voice by listening to this song.

9. Breath On Us


‘Breath on Us’ is another catchy ballad from this American Contemporary Gospel music singer’s album, ‘Majestic.’ She released it in 2014. The song has attracted over 3.1 views on YouTube. Listening to the lyric will make you want to go on your knees. It’s one of those few songs that have the power to change the atmosphere into a praise and worship mood. The words in the song invite the Spirit to come into our presence. It’s a great ballad to hark when you feel like it’s time to praise.

8. Forever


Those who practice Christianity and believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ can relate to this song. It talks about Christ dying on the cross to save the human race. It glorifies His resurrection, stating that He is risen. Kari released this song in 2014. It is a single from her album ‘Majestic’ and has gathered over 3.3 million views on YouTube.

7. Heal Our Land


Released in 2016 is this single ‘Heal Our Land’ from ‘The Garden’ album. It’s a song that has inspired many. It bars Christianity divisions, beseeching His breath to fall and be felt over all nations. Are there moments when you wish that God should show Himself through you? Have you ever felt like the enemy should see a real testimony of your life that will drive them to want to know more about Christ? This song is meant to persuade people into believing and accepting that there’s only one savior who can salvage humankind. So why not join the over 4M viewers on YouTube in pleading for the healing of our land?

6. The More I Seek You


Do you seek Christ? The song, ‘The More I Seek You’ released in 2013 by Kari Jobe, talks about seeking Christ. It further expresses the desire to stay in His presence and be in His company. This would be a great lyric for those who want to give their lives to Christ. It demonstrates the desire to know and experience His Peace, Love, and Grace. The song has over 8.5 million views on YouTube.

5. Here


Kari released this ballad in 2012. It’s a great song of encouragement and has gained over 9.5 million views on YouTube. Nothing so composing and relieving like listening to this song when you feel burdened, alone, and helpless. The song assures us there’s rest for the restless, peace for those who lack it, and healing for the hurting and wounded. The singer, through this song, calls believers to continue holding on to their faith, for He (God) is near, and in Him, they will find rest.

4. Find You On My Knees


Here comes another upbeat song released by Kari Jobe in 2012 from the ‘Where I Find You’ album. The song has over 10 million YouTube views, clearly indicating it’s a favorite to many. Those who kneel before God, especially when everything seems to be falling apart, understand the power of the words in this song. Some lines say, ‘God, I’m longing for you, but I will find you, I find you on my knees.’ Kari emphasizes the importance of supplicating to God and trusting in His promises through this piece of her music.

3. Steady My Heart


Here is another of Kari’s uplifting gospel songs, released in 2012. It’s a track from ‘Where I Find You’ album. The song will help calm your nerves, giving you peace whenever you feel extremely anxious. Remember, life is never a straight line. There are times when your life will get messy, and you will feel like things are not right. Kari has echoed such situations through this song. But she cautions us not to let go of our faith, for the lover of our soul and the healer of our scars has our back. Kari’s message is that God is faithful, and He will always be there to help us get out of any messy situation. The song has over 15 million views on YouTube. That’s a confirmation that many have turned to this song as a source of consolation and hope.

2. I Am Not Alone


The comfort you get from listening to this song is immeasurable. It reminds us of two verses in the Bible. Psalm 23:4 that we should trust God always even during our darkest moments and Exodus 14: 1, that God will fight for us – all we need to is to remain still. Playing this song is a pure expression of your faith and adherence to the teachings of Christ about trust. He calls us to trust in God with all our heart and not rely on our understanding. He further states that when we acknowledge the Lord, He will straighten our paths. Kari released this song in 2014. It’s a favorite single to many and is from her highly successful album ‘Majestic.’ The song hit over 20 million views on YouTube.

1. Holy Spirit


Those moments when you want to be surrounded by the power of the Holy Spirit, listen to this 2017 release by Kari Jobe. It’s a favorite yet powerful lyric to many and is often played in any praise and worship sessions. The lyric ‘Holy Spirit, you are welcome here’ indicates your readiness to be in the presence of God and feel His true power. This song has over 27 million YouTube views.

Summing Up

Kari Jobe is among the few inspiring gospel artists admired by many. She has ministered to many through her music. It’s a path she chose to follow from the age of 5 to this day. If you are searching for beautiful gospel music, you will love the above hits by Kari Jobe.

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