The 10 Best Boston Manor Songs of All-Time

Boston Manor

The band known as Boston Manor hails from the large seaside resort within England’s Lancashire County known as Blackpool. Forming in March 2013, the band members are Henry Cox, Dan Cunniff, Mark Cunniff, Jordan Pugh, and Ash Wilson. Their music style features a mix of pop music and punk rock, as well as emo. Their first EP release (Here/Now) was through Never Mend Records on Bandcamp. And, in 2014 the band signed with Failure By Design Records for their second EP (Driftwood). Then, come 2015 they signed with Pure Noise Records and released their third EP (Saudade). Through Pure Noise, Boston Manor also released their first full-length album (Be Nothing) on September 30, 2016. September 7, 2018, released (Welcome to the Neighborhood), and then come May 1, 2020 (Glue) became the band’s third album. The blending of the band’s sound features a heavier emo influence that’s reminiscent of the 90’s grunge music era and early 2000’s post-hardcore. Boston Manor received nominations for Best British Breakthrough at the Kerrang Awards in 2018, and they also received a nomination for Best Album Artwork at the Heavy Music Awards in 2019 (for Welcome to the Neighborhood).

History of Boston Manor

Separating from their own respective bands, the members of Boston Manor came together in March 2013 while in Blackpool. According to the band’s vocalist, Henry Cox, Blackpool isn’t known for being its music scene and admitted in order to get their music heard was to buy a van and travel outside of town at various small club venues. The band’s name owes its credit to one of Henry’s friends who offered him the title belonging to a demo. From humble beginnings, come January 2015 Boston Manor joined another band, Moose Blood, on a tour across the UK. In the spring of 2016, the band was supposed to accompany other bands (Can’t Swim, Casey Bolles, Hit the Lights, and Seaway) for a US tour, but due to Visa issues, they were unable to do so. Starting November 2016, they experienced their first headlining tour (along with bands Can’t Swim and Wallflower) throughout the UK and Europe. During the summer of 2017, Boston Manor toured the US, along with other punk bands, via Vans Warped Tour.

10. Lead Feet


Lead Feet is released on August 30, 2016, from Boston Manor’s first album (Be Nothing), bringing forth the band’s heavy-hitting music to the pop-punk scene that quickly earns them fans at worldwide levels.

9. England’s Dreaming


From their second album (Welcome to the Neighborhood) Boston Manor releases England’s Dreaming on September 4, 2018. Their solid emo punch, combined with pop and punk genres, rightfully puts this band on the map as a world-class talent.

8. Brand New Kids


Starting off with soft piano music, Brand New Kids rages into a heavy-hitting pop-punk style Boston Manor is best known for. Coming from the band’s third album (Glue) this song was released May 1, 2020.

7. Everything Is Ordinary


February 7, 2020’s Everything Is Ordinary comes from Boston Manor’s third album (Glue). This fast-paced song has music fans think of Linkin Park’s music style, causing fans of that band to appreciate the musical talent belonging to Boston Manor. This song earned more recognition for the band, as well as more fans.

6. Heathens


Originally from Stone Temple Pilots, Boston Manor’s version of Heathens puts a pop twist to a cult favorite among music fans in the grunge world. The song was the band’s contribution toward the 7th edition of Punk Goes Pop, which was officially released July 14, 2017.

5. Liquid


Boston Manor’s Liquid is from their third album (Glue). It was released June 3, 2019, and has become a cult favorite among fans of grungy style music, including pop-punk, punk rock, and emo-pop. Liquid, plus the album it belongs to, is agreed by music critics and fans alike that Boston Manor’s talent deserves more recognition as they continue to evolve as a world-class band.

4. Bad Machine


According to the YouTube buzz stemming from Boston Manor’s music fans, Bad Machine sees a band “raising the bar” when it comes to bringing forth the revival of grunge-style music that made its mark starting the late 90’s. Released on August 13, 2018, from Boston Manor’s second album (Welcome to the Neighborhood), Bad Machine is a favored song played in many clubs that cater to emo-style music.

3. Plasticine Dreams


Fans of Boston Manor’s Plasticine Dreams, as well as the pop-punk genre, seem to agree this is a song of “hope” for the grunge music style of the late 90s to make a comeback. Coming from the band’s third album (Glue), this song was released on April 3, 2020.

2. Laika


From Boston Manor’s debut album (Be Nothing) is Laika. Known for its emotional impact as a song, this is what officially put this band on the map with its hard-hitting lyrics. Among many music fans of the pop-punk genre, they agree Laika earns its mark as a pop culture favorite since its July 26, 2016 release date.

1. Halo


The esthetics surrounding Halo (released June 11, 2018), which comes from their second album (Welcome to the Neighborhood). The song focuses on the cycle of being stuck to addiction with what seems like there’s no way out. Both with this song and the album, Boston Manor shows signs of their evolving music style as they begin to experiment with new sounds and styles. And, through Halo, it shows their gamble has really paid off.

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