Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tatler talks about 17-year-old Lars Ulrich

Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tatler recently talked about Metallica‘s drummer Lars Ulrich in his pre-Metallica years and the way those two met each other.

Diamond Hand is a rather old band, rendering many popular experienced musicians of now young. This is the perfect example of this. Lars Ulrich is the legendary drummer of Metallica and he was just 17 years old and a huge Diamond Hand fan. Diamond Hand’s guitarist Brian Tatler talked about those years and his thoughts about Lars Ulrich being such a huge fan.

Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tatler on Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich

Tatler talked about his meeting with Ulrich first, mentioning their track ‘It’s Electric’.

“He heard a Diamond Head track called ‘It’s Electric’ on a sampler. He was living in LA, I believe, and we had this MCA compilation called ‘Brute Force.’

Then we put the album out, and he wrote back to our fan club, which was the address where you could buy the album. Of course, it was all mail order, we weren’t signed with the first album. So we did a thousand copies, sold them through Sounds.”

Brian Tatler went on to mention Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich, their one fan in America:

“And Lars would get his copy of Sounds in LA, probably ordered it, and he’d heard ‘It’s Electric.’ So we bought the album and we thought, ‘Oh, we’ve got a fan in America! This chad called Lars Ulrich bought the album, he lives in Los Angeles. We’ve got one fan in America!”

He talked about their meeting at a concert:

“Then he wrote back and he said, ‘I love the album,’ etc. And he said he’s coming over to see the band.

So in 1981, we would tour in the UK, and he managed to get over to the last night of the tour when we played the Woolwich Odeon in London. And he introduced himself, ‘Hello, I’m Lars,’ and blah, blah… He came backstage – and he was 17! The fact that he had come over, and his parents must have gone, ‘Yeah, yeah, you’d be all right’…”

Brian Tatler expressed his astonishment at the situation (A 17-year-old coming to the UK from the US for a concert)

“I thought, ‘I don’t think my mum and dad would have let me go on my own to America to watch a band at 17!'”

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