10 Awesome Songs about Forgiveness

Taylor Swift

Forgiving someone who did you wrong is one of the hardest things. The mistake someone committed against you could be so big that you don’t find them worthy of being in your life. Whether it was your lover that cheated on you or child stole something from you, forgiving them is one way of breaking free from the emotional torture. Remember, you could also make a similar mistake and expect to be forgiven. So, how do we say we’re sorry? Here are 10 awesome songs about forgiveness you should try dedicating to the offender or listen to for its fun.

10. “Please Forgive Me” (Bryan Adams)



Bryan Adams might be famous for his good looks, but his voice is what can set any fan glued. “Please Forgive Me” is a single released in 1993 and has been one of his most incredible hit compilations. Instead of hitting around the bush, Bryan Adams tells it like it is. He says, “Please forgive me, I don’t know what I’ll do, please forgive me…”. According to Billboard, the lyrics are self-explanatory, making it one of the most straightforward choices to go for when apologizing.

9. “Back to December” (Taylor Swift)


In her song “Back to December,” Taylor Swift says, “So this is me swallowin’ my pride, standing in front of you sayin’ I’m sorry for that night. And I go back to December all the time. It turns out freedom ain’t nothin’ but missin’ you. I wish I’d realized what I had when you were mine.” We assume she realized that relationships aren’t eternal. When they end, both parties feel regretful. Sometimes, the breakup might have gotten damaged beyond control, citing irreconcilable differences. The one who caused the split regrets why they made a mistake, but it’s too late to reconcile.

8. “Hello” (Adelle)


You already know Adelle as the queen of sad songs. Her sad voice and powerful lyrics always portray what she must have gone through in relationships. In her music, “Hello,” she sings, “Hello from the other side. I must’ve called you a thousand times. To tell you that I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done. But when I call, you never seem to be home.” It looks like her efforts to reach the offended party is futile. It might be too late that she made her apology a little too late, but it’s worth a try.

7. “In Between” (Linkin’ Park)


Linkin’ Park is an American hard metal band that has graced its presence in the music industry for decades. Besides oozing complex rock music, they have a way of making their fans glued to their content. What better way of doing that than by releasing an apologetic song, “In Between?” Our favorite line is, “Let me apologize, to begin with. Let me apologize for what I’m about to say. But trying to be genuine was harder than it seemed. And somehow, I got caught in between.” We assume that Linkin Park is apologizing in advance and stresses that it doesn’t make anyone perfect. It simply means no one is perfect, and apologizing makes you the bigger person regardless of your mistake.

6. “Purple Rain” (Prince)


“I never meant to cause you any sorrow. I never meant to cause you any pain. I only wanted one time to see you laughing. I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain.” Those were the words Prince expresses to offer an apology. “Purple Rain” is a therapeutic song marking the beginning of a healing process. The end works if you make an apology and mean it from the bottom of your heart.

5. “I Forgive You” (Kelly Clarkson)


As mentioned earlier, forgiving a person is one of the daunting tasks anyone can subject you to, but it’s fulfilling because you get healed. In her song, “I Forgive You,” Kelly Clarkson says, “I forgive you. We were just a couple of kids trying to figure out how to live—doing it our way. No shame, no blame. Because the damage is done, and I forgive you.” From this song, it’s easy to conclude that forgiveness is the best way to remain grudge-free because everyone makes mistakes.

4. “If I Could Turn Back The Time” (Cher)


“If I Could Turn Back The Time” by Cher is a song that expresses regret. According to Music Grotto, the singer released this track in 1989 in her “Heart of Stone” album. The lyrics to this song portray how much the singer wishes she could go back to the happy times and make things right. It is no wonder that the song is one of Cher’s favorite forgiveness songs.

3. “Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word” (Elton John)


“Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word” is something every one of us believes. According to Spinditty, saying sorry might seem complicated, but it’s the easiest way to feel less laden. Elton John released this song in 1976, expressing his loneliness and desperation to make things right. But he still maintains that it’s not easy saying the right words when you’re on the wrong.

2. “I Still Believe in You” (Vince Gill)


Sometimes, we take those closest to us for granted because we always assume they have no one else to run. However, reality hits us when they’re out of reach. “I Still Believe in You” by Vince Gill is also an expression of regrets. The 1992 song is also an expression of regret, depicting how we can err as humans, but it’s never too late to make things right.

1. “Sorry” (Justin Bieber)


“Is it too late to say sorry cause I’m missing more than just your body”? These are the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s 2015 song, “Sorry.” Even though the videography doesn’t look anywhere near apologetic, the lyrics prove that he still misses his then-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Even though he admits that both were at fault, he makes an interesting twist by admitting he still misses her. It is the reason we ranked it number one.


There you have it. You have every reason to listen to the beautiful tracks to show how virtuous forgiving someone is. Even if the other party is wrong, holding grudges is a heavy burden to carry. Though there are thousands of songs expressing forgiveness, we singled out these ten to help you start over on a new slate.

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