Free Play Days Coming to Xbox Games For Two Weeks in April 2021

Free Play Days is one of the known Xbox events and fans are waiting for this every year. However, if you want to play these games you must have Xbox Live Gold or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

These Xbox Free Play Days event normally provides coupons for each game but not every game takes place every time. This is not the case with each of the games on sale this weekend, however. If you choose to purchase The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited, you can browse through five separate sales experiences.

The Elder Scrolls Online and Hunt: Showdowns were formerly featured on Xbox’s Free Play Days, so there is a possibility that you might have already played them in the past. As Xbox sometimes does, a briefly free play game is included with their Free Play Days deal, which isn’t just Xbox alone. Tamriel Unlimited has its own free-to-play weekend expanding up to PlayStation controllers, PCs, and Google Stadia. So that you can still play free if you’re on either of those channels.

Which games and how you can reach the Free Play Days event?

According to the website you can go to then you choose, you will be sent to the Microsoft Store, where you need to be signed up to see your Xbox Live Gold membership installation option. To import the Free Play Dates set from the Xbox One, click on the Subscriptions tab in the Xbox Store and access the Gold Membership section.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited
    • Standard Edition 60% off $8.00
    • Greymoor Upgrade 67% off $13.20
    • Greymoor 67% off $19.80
    • Greymoor Collector’s Edition Upgrade 67% off $16.50
    • Greymoor Collector’s Edition 67% off $26.40
  • Hunt: Showdown
    • Standard Edition 60% off $16.00
    • DLC – An Unlikely Par 40% off $5.99
    • DLC – Ronin 40% off $4.19
    • DLC – The Trickshooter 40% off $4.19
  • Steel Rats
    • Standard Edition 70% off $4.50

You are excited to get Free Play Days for the supreme owners of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass!

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