GLOW Star Alison Brie Details on Three Popular Series

GLOW star Alison Brie imagine making three popular series. She also wants to review different styles of her ‘Community’, ‘Mad Men’, and ‘GLOW’ series.

Her series GLOW canceled by Netflix. The series creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch talked in a statement, “Netflix has decided not to finish filming the final season of GLOW. We were handed the creative freedom to make a complicated comedy about women and tell their stories. And wrestle. And now that’s gone. There’s a lot of sh*tty things happening in the world that are much bigger than this right now. But it still sucks that we don’t get to see these 15 women in a frame together again.”

During an appearance on Collider Ladies Night, Alison Brie detailed and working with Matt Weiner on Mad Men, Dan Harmon on Community, and with Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch on GLOW:

“The first thing that needs to be said as the umbrella statement is, GLOW is the first show I’ve been on as #1 on the call sheet, essentially the lead of the show and when that is your role, I would say that one has a very different relationship with their showrunners. So innately, I’m much closer with Liz and Carly.

They are all so distinct so it’s actually quite easy to compare everybody, but I had a much more personal relationship with Liz and Carly because that’s the nature of a #1 and their showrunners, and I think that has always been the case and I observed it on those other shows with Joel McHale and Jon Hamm.”

Alison also gave details about her seven-season run as Trudy Vogel on Mad Men series: 

“Matt Weiner I think is notorious for being very specific and deservedly so. The writing on Mad Men was so incredible. And talk about it being easy to memorize because there’s so much going on, there’s so much subtext written into every scene. Characters who pop in for one scene have a ton of backstory going on.

Everything carries weight and meaning. So he was a real stickler for us saying everything word perfect, word for word. Sometimes even gestures were written into the dialogue. ‘She puts her hand to her forehand,’ and you better put it to your forehead right then!

So that was sort of a different style of trying to go, ‘Okay, well let me make this movement still seem organic.’ And it should because it makes a lot of sense for what this character would do. But, I loved working for Matt. Because I love working for someone who knows exactly what they want, and then you know that you’ve got this really self-assured leader and when you’ve hit it, they tell you. Especially in the first few seasons, Matt was on set a ton. He really was always right there making sure that every single piece was perfect.”

You can watch the full interview below!

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