Harry Potter fans confused over deleted scene ‘reappearing’ in Goblet Of Fire

Harry Potter fans confused over deleted scene ‘reappearing’ in Goblet Of Fire movie. One of the HP fans also found something about nobody knows.

Here’s the shocking news for the HP fans. According to the Tik Tok users has HP series fans all over the world they wonder if such a thing is real or not. There are 8 Harry Potter movies and so many fans around the world. Every HP fan special like Kristina Marie Claire was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on her television. Then she noticed a deleted scene that had ‘reappeared’ in the movie. She can’t believe that and watch again.

You are curious right which scene they reappearing again. This scene in question shows the place as Hogwarts welcome Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic inside the Great Hall ahead of the Triwizard Tournament for the finish the competition. In this scene start and continues after the students from Beauxbatons perform their dance and another school student’s performances before the wizard students sit down for the welcome feast opening. Also, the Hogwarts students perform a song called “Hoggy Warty Hogwarts”, in those scenes. Don’t worry we can’t gonna mad.

The video which was posted on social media platform Tik Tok has been viewed almost half a million times. Also, there’re a lot more comments from Harry Potter fans. You can watch below.


Part of a video to my cousin, another big HP watcher. I was thrown for a loop when this happened it’s a little cringe ngl #harrypotter #hp

♬ original sound – Kristina Marie Claire

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