How to Download Cyberpunk 2077 Third-Person Mod?

Cyberpunk 2077 is now playable in third-person mode on PC. If you are wondering how to download it, you are in the right place.

When Cyberpunk 2077 was first announced, many expected a third-person action RPG game like CD Projekt RED‘s other games. In The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, CD Projekt did a very successful job and won the game of the year award. However, they made a radical change and designed the game as an FPS.

Many players who wanted to play this game in third-person mode had hoped for their modding communities. Earlier this month, Cineage showed us what the game would look like in third-person. However, the mod could not be completed. You can watch it below.

Fortunately, another mod designer took the responsibility and third-person mode is finally available for PC gamers.

How can you download Cyberpunk 2077 Third-Person Mode?

Jelle Bekkar satisfied the wishes of the gamers and presented us with a third-person mode. You will be able to find this mod, which must be downloaded with Nexus Mods, under the name of “JB-TPP MOD WIP THIRD PERSON” in Nexus Mods.

After downloading, players will have to extract the contents of the mod to the “Cyberpunk 2077 \ binx64 \” folder. Once complete, the mod should be usable in the game.

Step by step, how to download this mode:

  • Enter the Nexus Mods website.
  • Download the mode.
  • Paste the mod into the Cyberpunk 2077 \ binx64 \ folder.
  • When these steps are completed, the mod will be available in the game.

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