10 Important Songs about Self-Harm


There are many reasons why people hurt themselves. Some do it to escape traumatic memories. Others do it to punish themselves for their feelings and experiences. However, there are certain things you can do to overcome the urge to harm yourself. According to Healthline, one way of overcoming that is by listening to music. If you need to listen to music to overcome self-harm, we will focus on songs about it. By listening to these songs, you will understand why self-harm is not the solution. Additionally, you will experience goosebumps listening to some of the songs. Without further ado, here are ten important songs about self-harm.

10. She Talks to Angels- The Black Crowes (1990)

The song tells the story of a girl who is addicted to heroin. She does not mind the pain of injecting herself with it since she tends to feel better afterwards. However, she overdoses on the drug and is on the brink of death. The chorus talks about her talking to angels, which could be a double meaning. It could mean that she is so close to dying that she sees angels. Another interpretation is that angels could refer to the drug.

9. Baby Don’t Cut- B Mike (2012)

The song is about a boy urging his girlfriend not to cut herself. This girlfriend wants to do it because she is getting bullied at school. According to Very Well Family, bullied children are three times more likely to harm themselves than non-bullied children. Despite the boy pleading with the girl not to cut herself, she still does it. The girl eventually dies from cutting herself due to excess blood loss.

8. Breathe Me- Sia (2004)

Sia talks about continually hurting herself. She acknowledges she needs help, yet there is nobody to help her. In the chorus, it appears she smokes cannabis to cope. According to Daily Mail, she claimed she smoked it too much, which made her develop bipolar disorder. It is safe to assume that the chorus is referencing her smoking habits. As the song continues, it is apparent that the drug does not solve her problems. In fact, she slips into depression.

7. Last Resort- Papa Roach (2000)

The narrator considers committing suicide by cutting. Before he does so, he asks if anyone would care if he died from cutting. He then talks about the mutilation of being out of sight, which is a double entendre. It could mean that he is hiding the scars from cutting. Or, it could mean that the scars have become worse. The artist reveals that his downward spiral began after he lost his mother. Once that happened, he looked for ways to cope and settled with cutting.

6. Breaking the Habit- Linkin Park (2004)

The first verse begins with a man consumed with negative memories. Such memories can hinder you from thinking about something else. To block out these memories, the man resorts to drugs. He abuses the drugs from his bedroom. His unsuspecting friends assume he is resting in his room. It appears the drugs are not helping him cope, so he thinks of suicide. This song reminds us of the importance of checking up on people who spend plenty of time in their bedrooms. If they do, they could probably be battling some demons.

5. Hurt- Johnny Cash (2002)

The song focuses on a man who is depressed. His depression is so severe that he cannot feel anything. To find out whether he can feel pain, he hurts himself. By experiencing physical pain, he is reassured that he is still fine. One way he does this is by injecting himself with heroin. As the song continues, he seems to realize how one can be depressed despite being wealthy. He acknowledges that his friends and relatives are more important than riches.

4. The Way She Feels- Between the Trees (2006)

This song is about a girl who constantly cuts herself. Her parents realize this, and they take her razors away. The girl gets furious with them because cutting is the only way she can cope. It is clear that she is hurting not only herself but her parents too. The father soon realizes her daughter is feeling some emptiness despite cutting to cope. He leans over to comfort her. Additionally, he informs her how hurt he gets whenever she cuts herself. The girl soon finds solace in her father and not razors.

3. Ghost- Badflower (2018)

The song talks about a man’s numerous suicide attempts. He begins to wonder whether the failed attempts were him not wanting to die. However, he understands that the urge could occur at any time. That explains why he wants people to confiscate his blades. It is then revealed in the bridge that the man did commit suicide. After he cut himself, he became dizzy and was surrounded by a pool of blood. Before he dies, he acknowledges that cutting wasn’t a solution.

2. Bullet- Hollywood Undead (2011)

In this song, a man attempts to cure his depression by cutting. Later, he switches to alcohol. When alcohol does not work, he reverts to cutting. He even tries to swallow some pills to cope. When a person lacks any social support, they will usually consider several dangerous ways of coping.

1. Stan- Eminem ft Dido (2000)

This song is about Stan, a fan obsessed with Eminem. Stan considers him his idol and wants to do everything he does. Eminem’s alter ego, Slim Shady usually cuts himself. Stan begins to cut himself because Slim does it. Later, he discovers it helps him cope. Stan fails to realize that Eminem is playing a character.


These songs tackle self-harm in a sensible manner. Self-harm is a tricky subject for songs. If self-harm is addressed poorly, it may cause people to see it as a good thing. Thankfully, these songs warn of the dangers of self-harm. Self-harm is a depressing topic, so these songs do a great job of not sounding too forlorn. Also, these songs do not hit you over the head about how bad it is. When you listen to the songs, you will already understand how harmful it is.

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