IRON MAIDEN’s guitarist Adrian Smith ‘Afflicted’ on Martin Birch’s death

IRON MAIDEN‘s guitarist Adrian Smith has talked on Martin Birch‘s death. He so ‘afflicted’ and shock and calling it ” he was quite young still.”

He already worked with Birch for almost 40 years ago during his first days in IRON MAIDEN in the 1980s. A week ago Martin Birch passed away on August 9, was perhaps best known for his 11-year works with the band. He works as the producer and engineer of such classic MAIDEN albums like “Killers”, “The Number Of The Beast”, “Piece Of Mind” and “Somewhere In Time”. He’s also so popular in the band during his years. Adrian Smith talks about Birch while speaking to Eonmusic about his upcoming book titled “Monsters Of River & Rock“. The book also publishes on September 3 via Virgin Books.

Adrian Smith interview about Martin Birch:

“Well, firstly, it was very sad when he passed away. I was shocked, really, I mean, he was quite young still. He was only 71. Martin obviously did a lot of great bands; before us, he did DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH. He was great, but he was a bit intimidating at first because he had this big reputation.

I’d never been to the studio to do a proper album before. I mean, I could hardly eat in the week leading up to going to the studio. But he had an air of authority about him because of his reputation.”

Smith also added: 

“He also — as he reminded us on many occasions — he was a karate black belt, and there are a few stories about that in the book. If he had a few drinks after a recording session, he’d start doing his karate routine and practicing his kicks and his chops in the studio. You’d see all the roadies scurrying around, moving the guitars out of the way in case he kicked the headstock off a vintage Les Paul or something.”

Here are the all IRON MAIDEN albums produced by Martin Birch:

  • 1981 – Killers
  • 1982 – The Number Of The Beast
  • 1983 – Piece Of Mind
  • 1984 – Powerslave
  • 1985 – Live After Death
  • 1986 – Somewhere In Time
  • 1988 – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
  • 1990 – No Prayer For The Dying
  • 1992 – Fear Of The Dark
  • 1994 – Maiden England ’88

Adrian Smith‘s upcoming book “Monsters Of River & Rock: My Life As Iron Maiden’s Compulsive Angler” due out September 3rd, 2020 via Virgin Books. Check out the short video about this new memoir book below.

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