Metallica’s James Hetfield mandatory “Sobriety Weekends” cancelations

Metallica frontman James Hetfield posted a statement earlier this week and festival organizers share more information about the cancelation.

Before this week, Hetfield shares a statement to they canceled two summer shows. Also, James Hetfield talks about: “Critical recovery events on those weekends that cannot be moved.” Then this festival headliner changed with Red Hot Chili Peppers now headline Sonic Temple on Friday, May 17. While TOOL will close the show on Sunday, May 17. And today, Gary Spivack, Executive VP of Danny Wimmer Presents, interview to Ultimate Guitar. He also gives more details about that cancelations.

Gary Spivack starts with: 

“Well, we got the call from Metallica’s management team, Q Prime, who are, the best managers in the business, hands down, and said that James has Sobriety Weekends that are requirement weekend that is throughout the calendar year, and unfortunately, a couple of those weekends fell on our festivals. Although Metallica will still be at Welcome to Rockville, Epicenter, and Aftershock in 2020 with us, we did lose them for Sonic Temple and Louder Than Life.

So, then it was, how do you even contemplate filling the shoes of the biggest band in our world? Well, you do it by finding two of the biggest bands in our world. So, we got Red Hot Chili Peppers, with John Frusciante, which will be one of only four shows they’ll be doing in 2020, and of course, Grammy award-winning artist, Tool.”

When asked what he would say to Metallica fans who are upset for that and Spivack replied:

“Go to Metallica’s website and read James’ statement. It’s heartfelt, it’s raw, it’s from the heart, and I don’t know how you can hate on that. It’s impossible for us. A guy focusing on his well-being and wanting to get better, that’s everything. … first and foremost, we’re fans and we ask for everybody who’s disappointed with Metallica, to understand it, to respect it, and be with us. Come to our festivals. It’s never about one band. It’s a whole rock and roll experience and we hope to see everybody out there in May.”

Metallica will also be going to the South America tour in April 2020.

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