The 10 Best Teena Marie Songs of All-Time

Teena Marie

Teena Marie’s loyalty, devotion, and success in R&B and soul music won her the label “Ivory Queen of Soul.” Marie’s distinctive voice and passionate soprano that featured funk, soul, and rock styles boosted her spirits and encouraged her creativity.

She deserves to be recognized for the talent and creativity she has demonstrated throughout her three-decade musical career. Born in Santa Monica, California, Teena Marie naturally started singing and performing at the young age of two. Not only was she excellent at songwriting and singing, but Teena Marie also played the keyboard, congas, and rhythm guitar perfectly.

Before releasing her first album, Marie recorded many unreleased songs before capturing the attention of vocalist Rick James. Teena Marie’s first album, Wild and Peaceful, was released in 1979. The hit single, “I’m A Sucker For Your Love,” from the album won Marie her first top-ten R&B hit.

She has released 14 studio albums, 13 compilation albums, and 35 singles since her debut album throughout her musical career. Teena Marie’s hard work and talent earned her a three-time Grammy Award nomination and enabled her to sell over 2.5 million album copies globally. She left this earth much sooner, but her music will continue to live. Here are the ten best Teena Marie songs of all time.

10. It Must Be Magic

The number ten song on our list of the ten best Teena Marie songs is a seductive song that features a soul and funk sound. The track is from Marie’s fourth studio album, It Must Be Magic. The album charted at number 23 on the Pop Albums chart and number 2 on the US Black Albums chart. “It Must Be Magic” is about Teena Marie’s romantic relationship with her lover and how he makes her feel. It’s impossible to sit still while listening to this great track.

9. Fix It

“Fix It” was released on Marie’s 1983 album, Robbery, and was instantly a fan favorite. This track has a funk vibe to it. “Fix It” is a song about a man who promises to fix your broken heart but ends up wrecking it more after he is given a chance. Many people can relate to this track, especially those in a similar situation. “Fix It” is one of those old-school tunes that age like fine wine. Teena Marie’s vocals stand out in this song, hence one of the reasons it fits in our list of her best songs of all time.

8. If I Were A Bell

This excellent ballad is contained in Marie’s ninth album, Ivory. “If I Were A Bell” is an excellent blend of R&B and jazz sounds. Teena Marie pours her soul out on this track as she speaks about the man she adores. She ingeniously relates herself to a bell. “If I Were A Bell” received many positive reviews from her fans. The track peaked at number 8 on the Black Singles chart.

7. I’m A Sucker For Your Love

The number seven track on our list is a funky track released as the lead single from Marie’s debut album, Wild and Peaceful. Rick James collaborated with Teena Marie on “I’m A Sucker For Your Love” and provided co-vocals. The horn arrangement and drum beats in the song are superb. “I’m A Sucker For Your Love” peaked at number 8 on the US Black Singles chart and 43 in the UK.

6. Behind The Groove

“Behind The Groove” is contained in Teena Marie’s second studio album, Lady T. This track charted at number 21 on the US Black Singles chart and was her only track to get into the top 20 positions in the UK peaking at #6. Rick James’ musical influence is noticeable throughout this song. “Behind The Groove” is one of those songs you listen to when having a bad day to put you in a good mood. This track will keep you on the dance floor.

5. Square Biz

Allen McGrier is one of the credited collaborators on this masterpiece. “Square Biz” is one of Teena Marie’s signature songs. This track was released on her fourth studio album, It Must Be Magic. The rap break featured in the song made it unique when it was released. A new version of this song, titled “Hollywood Square Biz,” was featured as the theme song of the popular game show Hollywood Squares in 2002. “Square Biz” charted at number 3 on the Billboard R&B chart and number 12 on the Billboard Club Play Singles chart.

4. Lovergirl

“Lovergirl” was Teena Marie’s first single to be released under her new label, Epic. This hit song was featured in the movie Maid In Manhattan, a film starring Jennifer Lopez, which was released in 2002. “Lovergirl” was Marie’s biggest hit, charting at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. At the 28th Grammy Awards, Marie was nominated for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for the song.

3. Portuguese Love

The number three song on our list of the ten best Teena Marie songs is a smooth song from the album, It Must Be Magic. The music begins with a Latin beat and progresses to a conga drum beat, heard in the background. “Portuguese Love” is a romantic and seductive track, so it’s one of the best songs to listen to when you’re in a romantic mood. Teena Marie’s powerful vocals stand out throughout the song, making it hard for one not to notice.

2. Ooo La La La

“Ooo La La La” was Teena Marie’s biggest hit on the R&B chart, where it peaked at #1. The track also peaked at #85 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Ooo La La La” was featured on Marie’s album, Naked to the World. This song is hypnotic and will keep you engrossed in it until the end. This song’s chorus was extensively sampled by the talented singer and songwriter Trey Songz in his 2014 hit “Na Na.” The trip-hop band Attica Blues covered “Ooo La La La” for a Japan-exclusive single release in 1998.

1. I Need Your Lovin’

Marie’s third studio album, Iron in the Fire, contains the number one track on our list. “I Need Your Lovin” peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 9 on the US Black Singles chart. The song also reached number 28 in the United Kingdom. The catchy song is about her needing her partner to love her, and she begs him to be her lover. The melody is captivating, and you’ll find yourself singing along, hence the reason it’s many people’s favorite.

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