The 10 Best Trey Songz Songs of All-Time

Trey Songz

Born Tremaine Aldon Neverson, Trey Songz is a talented R&B singer, songwriter, and actor. He’s been creating hit after hit in the music industry since his first mixtape in 2004. From his melancholic voice to gorgeous looks, Trey Songz keeps filling his fans’ ears with fantastic tracks. It is no wonder he’s bagged many awards, including a Grammy nomination. Below are his ten best songs that can spice up your playlist.

10. Chi Chi – Feat. Chris Brown


It’s not the first time Trey Songz is collaborating with Chris Brown. The two popular R&B singers not only have a special chemistry, but they also know how to combine their vocal prowess to deliver high-quality songs. According to ToneStart, “Chi Chi,” a slang word for breasts, was released as a standalone single. It was produced by Smash David and CuBeatz. The video displays Trey and Chris surrounded by “busty” women donning bikinis in a pool. Unless you aren’t a fan of “boobs,” we don’t see any reason you shouldn’t love watching this video.

9. Heart Attack


The first time I heard the song “Heart Attack,” I couldn’t help but marvel at Trey’s voice and how the beats matched his tonal variation. It starts with Trey letting out a “shrill-like” sound, his signature curtain-raising gimmick. The song is about the challenges that relationships face. In an interview with Artist Direct, Songz says that the song revolves around rocky places where many relationships end. It’s a trying moment where both partners feel it would be best to break up, but none of them wants to initiate the breakup. Written by Trey Songz, Rico Love, and Benny Blanco, “Heart Attack” is heart-wrecking and sweet. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you not to cry after listening to this song.

8. Can’t Help but Wait


Released on August 6, 2007, “Can’t Help but Wait” is a romantic R&B song by Trey Songz. MTV’s News ranked it at number 23 on the 27 Essential R&B Songs list of 2007. The song revolves around the singer in love with a specific woman. However, he’s afraid to tell it straight to her face because she’s helplessly in love with her boyfriend. The singer notices how unhappy the lady is but notes that she isn’t ready to leave her man. Songz decides to wait. Songz released this song when he was only 22. At the time, popular R&B stars like R. Kelly, Ginuwine, Tyrese, and Mary J Blige had already set standards in the industry. That didn’t stop us from noticing Songz’s talent, and the timelessness of this song is what counts.

7. Neighbor’s Know My Name


Ready is Trey Songz’s third album, and we can’t help but notice how ironic the last single (Neighbors Know My Name) is. It has a hidden meaning; it’s about him and some lady making out. He puts it lightly by saying they don’t care if their neighbors hear them. They already know his name because she screams it out to sundry. While this song might sound light-hearted, there is more to the lyrics that you will love. You will notice how melancholicTrey sounds. From the vocals to instrumentals to video graphics, you have every reason to listen and enjoy it.

6. Touching, Lovin


Everything about collaborating with Nicki Minaj always spells success. So, when Trey released “Touchin, Lovin” alongside Nicki, it didn’t take rocket science to predict that the album- Trigga would be as big as it is. The song is about Songz promising a prospective lover that he’ll go down on her all night. Once again, Nicki’s appearance in this song has worked the magic. Despite the harsh misconception people have about female rappers, it reveals her soft feminine side.

5. Back Home (feat. Summer Walker)


2020 might have been a rough moment for artists due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but not for Trey Songz. The writer managed to release his “Back Home” album that year, giving his fans another reason to smile. Unfortunately, the song “Back Home” didn’t fit the bill in the charts as it came in at 15. According to Soul in Stereo, his collaboration with Summer Walker brought out his signature melancholic voice that you will definitely like.

4. Na Na


When you hear the song “Na Na,” who comes to your mind? If you thought it was Akon, then you thought wrong. Trey’s “Na Na” is a club jam that gained a spot in his Trigga album and came fourth on this list. It’s one of his popular hit singles that unites clubs globally. Even if Songz isn’t your favorite artist, you already know this song each time it plays out.

3. Say Aah


Ever noticed how club-themed Songz’s third album Ready is? Who would have ever imagined that Trey could pull off such a move of all the artists? But that’s what makes a good artist. The ability to fit in when it fits the most is what the song “Say Aah” aims to achieve. According to Lisbdnet, “Say Aah” made it to the first top 10 hits in the US, while also in Canada and Belgium. Interestingly, Fabolous almost didn’t make it on the song.

2. Gotta Make It (Feat. Twista)


Twista was named the fastest rapper in the Guinness Book of Records, making him the best person to Songz’s entrance into the music industry memorable in “Gotta Make It.” The song made it to the Hot 100 in the US and was a popular anthem in 2005. It’s been over a decade, and fans can’t forget how “Gotta Make It” propelled Songz to greater heights.

1. Bottom’s Up (Feat. Nicki Minaj)


Another album that Songz released in 2010 is Passion, Pain, and Pleasure 2010. Being the first single from the album, Songz saw it best to collaborate with Nicki Minaj in “Bottom’s Up.” The song is one of the most talked-about club bangers in the US and Australia in terms of charting. And what better way to spice it by than featuring Minaj’s cool rap verse?


As Trey Songz keeps breaking the ceiling in music, you can’t help but wait for his new releases. However, these ten songs were a hit and will continue to be even if he goes missing. It is no wonder most of his fans have these songs on their playlists.

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