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Jason Momoa Refers a Tool Song With Igniting His Bass Love

Jason Momoa has shared videos online over the past year while he is playing bass, so most of us know his love of bass for a while.

We also know that he took a bass lesson from Primus’ Les Claypool in September. In his latest interview with Bass Player Magazine, the actor referred to a TOOL song that has ignited his love for bass. Momoa also explained how he picked up the instrument and started to play in the first place.

Jason Momoa explained how he started to play bass during his interview:

“It was my assistant’s birthday, and she really loves Tool, so I borrowed a bass from my buddy and we all played ‘Sober’ for her. Right then, my passion for bass really exploded. The moment I put it on, I could just feel the connection – and it was all over.”

Momoa expressed that he actually had always wanted to play bass so he studied the instrument over and over again and he added

“I was like ‘My God, I wish I would have done this when I was young’,” he said. “I wish that I had that opportunity – but I’m making up for the lost time.”

Slayer’s Tom Araya has something to ask to him

The Aquaman’s star, Jason Momoa has also answered questions of a number of artists which includes also one from Slayer’s Tom Araya.

Araya asked him if he would ever make the switch from acting to music. So Momoa replied

“Oh, man. A lot of my friends are musicians and I love them, and I feel like it’s fine for them to be actors, but I don’t know, when I see actors being musicians I’m like, ‘Oh my God’. It’s just like ‘Ugh…’ It never really works out.”

But still, he didn’t oppose a change-up in careers that much, either.

“It’s all good, and I would never want to say, ‘I’ll never do anything’,” he said. “I enjoy playing up there with my friends if they’re raising money for a charity, of course, because it’s always good to help – but I feel very out of place up there.”

Earlier on his Instagram, Jason Momoa shared a clip while jamming to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ cover of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground -he was so cool as always that I couldn’t stop without saying-. He showed off a Fender Precision Bass, which the Fender Custom Shop Master Builder, Vincent Van Trigt gifted Jason Momoa for his 41st birthday.

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