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KISS Broke Guinness World Records at the New Year’s Eve Concert in Dubai

KISS broke a world record at the Dubai concert on New Year’s Eve. The brilliant flame projection used in the concert broke Guinness world records.

We all love the crazy crowd and flashy stage performance at metal and rock concerts, that’s obvious. There were no crazy crowds this New Year’s Eve, but a great stage performance. KISS used 73 flame projections during its New Year’s Eve visual concert in the United Arab Emirates, and the height of the flame projections was 35 meters. These two issues are the first in history. The American hard rock group broke two world records with these two numbers.

Landmark Live Presentations produced the magnificent $10 million movies, filmed with over 50 4K cameras and 360-degree images, and set on a huge 250-meter stage at The Royal Beach in Atlantis. According to Paul Stanley, vocalist, and leader of the KISS band, the show featured “a million-dollar Pyro”.

KISS bassist and vocalist Gene Simmons told The Oakland Press about the band’s concert in Dubai; “We get offers all the time, thank goodness, and we’ve been saying no to everybody because it’s just not safe — for us, for the fans. With this, we were in the right place at the right time, and it all makes sense.

The folks in Dubai, which is a fascinating place, suggested something crazy and said, ‘You can do anything you want here, no restrictions.’ And we said, ‘Wait a minute. You mean we can put on the biggest Pyro show of all time since Krakatoa and the Big Bang? You mean we’re going to be safe going over there?’ They said ‘yeah,’ so there you are.”

Daniel E. Catullo, creator, director, and executive producer of Landmark Live, said working with KISS was “a dream come true” for him. He said that they were working very disciplined and intensely and making a great effort. The most challenging factor for them was developing a COVID compliance protocol. The health checks of the personnel who will be in direct contact with KISS were carefully made and all security measures were provided.

In addition, a documentary about the concert will be shot and will be released in the coming months.

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