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Lars Ulrich Talks About the Best Shows He’s Ever Seen

Lars Ulrich talks about the craziest and best concerts he has ever seen. There are AC/DC and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE on his list.

Lars Ulrich is one of the founders and living legends of the American heavy metal band METALLICA band. Lars talked about the craziest and best shows he has seen in his music career and shared honest opinions.

Lars spoke to Classic Rock recently. During the conversation, he talked about the bands he played together and the best concerts he had seen.

He first mentioned RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. He thinks RAGE’s music is incredible and, years after their first album (1992’s self-titled), it is still modern. Lars also said that he liked their concert performances very much.

“I remember the last time I saw them, at the LA Coliseum in 2011.

It was a hot, sweaty night, with that energy that you get in LA when you have those big concerts, and seeing seventy thousand people yell ‘Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!’ was one of the most insane concert moments I’ve ever experienced.”

Also among the greatest shows, he has ever seen are THIN LIZZY, MOTORHEAD, and AC/DC. Lars said that he went to THIN LIZZY concerts many times between 1976-80 and also to MOTORHEAD concerts between 1979-1981.

However, AC/DC was one of the concerts that he most affected. Lars says he was so great for Bon Scott that he couldn’t take my eyes off him.

“That was Bon in his heyday, with the tight jeans, the tennis shoes, the shirt off. And I loved the way he would hold the mic with the cord rolled up two or three times.”

He added: “I saw the first show Deep Purple played with David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, and Rainbow played in Copenhagen a lot.

It wasn’t just Ritchie’s guitar playing that was so impressive, it was also his personality – the Man in Black.”

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