What’s Lollapalooza Chicago 2021 Going To Look Like This Year?


After more than a year of not being able to go hardly anywhere, people are finally getting the opportunity to venture out and go to the cinema, parties and even music festivals. One of the most influential music festivals in the United States is the Lollapalooza event that occurs in Chicago each year. Unfortunately, the arrival of COVID-19 basically sidelined the event last year, just like it did virtually everything else. To make matters worse, organizers were not at all certain that they would go ahead with the event this year, either. Fans became equally concerned when it started to look more and more like this year’s edition would be canceled just like last year. Fortunately, that’s not the case and the event will be moving forward.

An Iconic Event

In order to fully understand just how important this event is to music fans of all genres, you have to go back a little bit. This year will mark the 30th year that Lollapalooza has occurred in Chicago. There are different Lollapalooza events that occur all over the world. This is just one of them, but it is also one of the most influential events of its type each year. It has become something of a benchmark, an event that people look forward to. It has also made its mark by becoming something that people look to in order to set the stage for remaining events throughout the year. In this particular case, it will take place in July, At the end of the month. To be more accurate, it is scheduled from the 29th of July until the 1st of August.

A Music Event Like No Other

This is an event that is unlike virtually everything else that is scheduled throughout the year. Throughout the course of a single weekend, there are typically more than 100 bands that play on various stages throughout the grounds. This year, there will be a minimum of 170 bands playing. There are bands playing all genres of music, meaning that virtually everyone can find something that truly speaks to them. Regardless of what you like to listen to, there is every reason to believe that you can find something that works well for you at an event like this.

Planning Such an Event

Obviously, planning an event like this is no easy task. To be perfectly honest, this particular event has been made even more difficult because event organizers didn’t have complete information to work with in the initial stages of planning. After all, it’s virtually impossible to plan for every potential event when something like the recent pandemic throws everything on its ear. It’s very difficult to plan for something when you don’t know what that particular situation is going to look like in a week, much less one month, two months or even three months down the road. As such, the organization responsible for planning this event made the decision to hold off on announcing the bands that will play until just recently. Instead, they made the decision to focus on some of the more practical aspects of the event in order to ensure crowd safety. Once those precautions were in place, it was easier for them to focus on nailing down individual performers. It also gave them the ability to scale the event to a size that they believed would be safe, yet would still allow people that wanted to come there to have the variety they’ve come to expect.

What Will Things Be Like This Year?

So, what will a major Music Festival look like as everyone is sincerely hoping that this pandemic is on its way out? It would be remiss to say that the pandemic is over, especially given the fact that there is a new Indian variant out there that seems to be spreading like wildfire in certain places, even though more and more people are getting vaccinated. When all of these things are considered, how are event planners going to handle allowing people into such an event? It all comes down to a few key points. First and foremost, no one will be allowed into the festival unless they can provide solid proof that they have been fully vaccinated or that they have received a negative covid test within the last 24 hours. Furthermore, there will be limits set on the number of individuals that are allowed in at any one given time. Last but not least, event organizers plan to limit the number of people that can attend the festival each day. While there are still a few things that are in motion on this side of things, it is expected that more information will be made available in the very near future regarding the exact number of people that will be allowed to purchase tickets for each day of the festival.

Until then, fans will have to be willing to adapt. This festival isn’t likely to be like anything else, largely because it is one of the first major music festivals to go on since the pandemic began. Of course, there will be some rough patches that organizers will have to navigate their way through. In addition, the limits placed on the number of people that can attend will naturally mean that the crowd won’t be as dense as it has been in years past. Nevertheless, fans can still have fun as long as they are willing to abide by the guidelines that have been set forth. The most important step is to get fully vaccinated or at the very least, be able to prove that a covid test was taken and the results are negative. Abiding by rules involving the wearing of masks and social distancing will also be crucial. As previously mentioned, more information about these aspects of the event will be forthcoming in the near future.

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