Lord Of The Rings Largest LEGO Build Got Into Guinness Record

Although years have passed since the end of the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit movie series, they still have lost nothing from their popularity.

A billion-dollar TV show which is being shot in New Zealand is about to be finished already. On the other hand, many new games are on the agenda such as an MMO and a title focused on Gollum.

Lord Of The Rings continues to inspire people and push their imaginations with its huge and fascinating universe. So that, a team of 50 designers has built the largest Lego mini brick build ever! They build a Lord of the Rings-themed diorama construction with an astonishing 150 million pieces.

The Lord Of The Rings construction took 3 years to build

With this gigantic lego structure inspired by the wars that took place in Lord Of The Rings, the designers managed to enter the Guinness Records Book.  The diorama also includes a number of iconic Middle-earth locations like the Pelennor Fields, the Black Gate, and more.

Fans of the LOFT are sure going to recognize the Uruk-hai Minifigures and the symbol of the white hand on the flags, as well as the four 10237 Tower of Orthanc-like structures sitting within the black-bricked fortress. It really allures me to think about the patience they got. And there is no word to say for their creativity of course! It is obvious that they really spent too much effort even on the small details. It is no-shocker that they got into Guinness World Records at all.

China is now home to the largest mini brick Lord Of The Rings build in the world, courtesy of Guinness World Records. You may be upset about how to see it but don’t worry. Until you can somehow, a display was recently shared on YouTube for the fans who can not go there to see it.

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