The 10 Best Bar-Kays Songs of All-Time

Have you ever heard of a funk band called the Bar-Kays? If you’re scratching your head, don’t worry. You may not know the band by their name, but there is every chance that you’ve heard at least one or two of their songs. They came to prominence in the 1960s and enjoyed a number of hits for the next twenty or so years. If you’re curious, take a look at the list below. It includes the very best songs churned out by the band. Chances are, you’ll find something you like in there somewhere.

10. Do It (1982)

There is little doubt that you have heard the Nike slogan that says, “Just do it.” You might think of this particular song in much the same manner. If there is something you want out of life, you certainly won’t get it by sitting around wishing, complaining, or otherwise failing to take action. You have to take control of the situation yourself. You have to be the one who gets up and puts things in motion. What are you waiting for, do it.

9. Attitudes (1977)

There is certainly something to be said about the fact that some people have a better attitude than others. You might decide to use this song as inspiration for your own life. Every person has an attitude, good or bad. The world is a difficult place, even on the best of days. Wouldn’t it be better if you could cultivate an attitude of gratefulness as opposed to becoming angry or frustrated? The song definitely gives you some food for thought, at the very least.

8. Too Hot to Stop (1976)

This one doesn’t really need a lot of explanation. After all, the title pretty much tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for a song that’s all about lust, being wildly attracted to another, and acting on those emotions, then you need look no further.

7. You Can’t Run Away (1977)

It’s true, you can’t run away from your problems. They will simply go with you, plaguing you at every turn, until you decide to deal with them in a healthy manner. You also can’t run away from your past or who you really are. As you can see, this is a song about embracing the wholeness of you. That means taking in the good, the bad, and everything in between. It’s only then that you can start to get a better idea of who you are and what you want out of life. It might seem scary at first, but you’ll end up thanking yourself later on. Since you can’t run away from things, you’ll probably start to feel much better when you stop trying. Give this song a listen if you need inspiration.

6. Move Your Boogie Body (1979)

Sometimes a song exists just for the purpose of expressing what it’s like to enjoy life. That is precisely what this one is for. It’s a great party song and one that is incredibly fun to dance to. It’s also one of those perfect 1970s songs that help you forget everything else going on and simply focus on being present in the moment. If you haven’t heard it, you’re genuinely missing out. It will quickly end up on your favorites list, if only you give it a chance.

5. Soul Finger (1967)

This is another one of those songs that just makes you feel good when you listen to it. Even if you’re not having the best day, it can lift your spirits. This is especially true if you love songs from the 1960s. There is no doubt about it, they have a sound all their own. Music has changed a great deal over the years. Sometimes it’s nice to go back to this era and enjoy the sounds that were so popular back then. Who knows, you might even find yourself transported for just a few moments.

4. Hit and Run (1981)

When someone thinks of a hit-and-run accident, they think of someone who comes out of the blue, hammers you into the ground, and then keeps going without so much as batting an eye. This song may not be talking about a literal accident, but it does talk about falling in love so hard that it feels similar- like someone came out of nowhere, plowed right into you, and then left so fast it made your head spin. Unfortunately, most people have had one or two of these “relationships,” and it can be beyond frustrating. The song really taps into those emotions, so if you; ‘re struggling, you might want to give it a listen.

3. Spellbound (1976)

If someone puts a spell on you, they basically have control over you. Anyone who has ever been in love would say that it is not unlike being under a spell. It can definitely make you see things differently. Whether or not that’s a good thing depends almost entirely on the relationship itself (as well as the people involved, of course).

2. Anticipation (1982)

This song was an instant hit when it came out and it’s still just as popular today. In fact, it has been used a number of times for film and television, as well as commercials. It’s one of those songs that gets inside your head and won’t get out. It’s so catchy that you’re likely to find yourself humming it out loud everywhere you go.

1. Son of Shaft (1972)

Who doesn’t love this song? It’s one that has remained popular for decades. Despite the fact that the song was released later than some of the group’s earlier hits of the 1960s, it has easily become a favorite among fans. Most people have heard the song, even if they don’t realize who’s singing it right away. It’s so well liked that it has become a part of popular culture.

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