Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly going to be adapted into a movie

Yet another game by Sony Interactive Entertainment, this time Horizon Zero Dawn, is reported to be in development to be a movie.

The latest reports have shown us many games that are going to be movies, and this list includes multiple games from Sony. Apparently, the producers are grasping the narrative value of video games more day by day. Anyways, this recent report regarding Horizon Zero Dawn is rather surprising, as it says Sony is adapting Horizon Zero Dawn into a movie. Even though Sony‘s CEO earlier revealed that they were going to adapt many more games into movies, nobody expected that many productions to surface at once. We’ll see what the future brings, and how those movies will turn out to be.

Will there be a Horizon Zero Dawn movie?

The rumors indicate that this piece of news that Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be a movie lines up with the latest similar news from Sony, which is about the games that Sony is adapting into movies. We have recently seen a similar situation for Demon’s Souls, which is also exclusively reported to be underway for a film adaptation. Despite not being Sony’s, a Red Dead Redemption movie also seems to be in development as per the reports from the same source. The source claims to have leaked many other facts before, such as Bruce Campbell’s cameo in Doctor Strange and Monica Rambeau’s being a major character in Disney+’s Secret Invasion.

What’s with all the recent video game adaptations?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, we see more and more video game adaptations to movies and series day by day. The possibility of Horizon Zero Dawn being a movie is just one of them. This is probably because of their general success, and the convenience to tell a story that already has its roots. Recently, we have seen video game adaptations – or video game-related content – such as The Witcher and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. As producers see those productions to turn out to be such great hits, they naturally tend to work on video game adaptations more and more.

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