Sony’s game Demon’s Souls is likely to be a movie

PlayStation exclusive game Demon’s Souls, which is the ancestor of souls-like games, is reportedly going to be adapted into a movie.

We already know that Sony tends to adapt its games into movies, just like we saw in the examples of The Last of Us and Uncharted. It seems there is one new game that’s going to hop on that bus as well, and it is Demon’s Souls. As per an exclusive report from Giant Freakin Robot, the famous video game is going to get a movie too.

Is Demon’s Souls movie going to happen?

The ancestor of souls-like games, the first Demon’s Souls game was first released in 2009. The legendary game was remade and released in 2020 for the new generation of gaming. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s exclusive game is now going to be a movie according to the trusted inside source of GFR. That source is said by GFR to have made accurate leaks earlier, such as Bruce Campbell cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Monica Rambeau being the main character in the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion.

We would normally recommend that you take this claim with a grain of salt, but this leak seems to have genuine potential. Still, we must be skeptical and it goes without saying, but there is a very high possibility of this movie happening.

About the possible Demon’s Souls movie

We do not know what game the movie will focus on yet, as there are different storylines in Souls games. The possible upcoming movie might take its story from Demon’s Souls universe, but as there are many different games in this universe, it is not possible as of now to talk about the storyline. As nothing is official as of now, we do not know any of the cast members or the director. We’ll see together if or when the movie is officially announced.

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